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At the swim pool in Napa.
Check out the presentation at Pacific Swim Coaches Clinic about game-play, water polo and SKWIM for swim teams.

This is how we march in Pittsburgh!

Photo shows D and D, two of our swimmers at Camp King’s Summer Dreamers in Swim & Water Polo. They’re entering the water at Citiparks Sue Murray Pool on the Northside as buddies, each kicking it in their yellow SKWIM fins.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, is a sports town with wonderful rivers and pools.

We are an ambitious community in terms of building knowledge, wellness and ourselves. Recreation happens here. The simple winning formula from Coach Mark includes showing up and then scoring more points.


Youngsters and veteran coaches can work with us with paid and volunteer positions, especially in the summer months.

In the spring of 2018, a number of new coaches are needed for summer programs.

Fill out this application, (a Google Form, that only goes to Coach Mark).



Retention percentages for USA Swimming by year split into two age groups.

Click image for a larger view. Use browser’s back button to return. The chart above explains why a new embrace of game-play is important. To do better with retention of youngsters in competitive swimming programs, and with USA Swimming, a more robust embrace of game-play and a more robust utility for deploying the game-play and …

Swimming World article on Jay O’Neil coaching water polo at St. Francis talks of his roots

Western Pennsylvania’s St. Francis University has a women’s water polo program entering its second season in 2018 and has hired Jay O’Neil as its new head coach. On The Record with Jay O’Neil, St. Francis University Water Polo Coach Years ago, when Jay was a high school junior and senior at Plum High School, we …


When in doubt, check the respective Google Calendars. But, it is always okay to call or text to Coach Mark too.

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