Underwater Hockey returns to the swim pool at Pittsburgh’s Obama Academy — Rookies welcome!

  1. Wed. Oct 18, 7:30 to 9 pm at Obama.
  2. Mon. Oct 30, 7:30 to 9 pm at Obama
  3. Mon. Nov 6, 7:30 to 9 pm at Obama
  4. Mon. Nov 20, 7:30 to 9 pm at Obama

Obama is at the corner of Highland Ave and East Liberty Blvd. Enter school’s front doors and turn right. Walk past the gym to the pool. If front door is locked, call the coach’s cell: 412-298-3432.

Bring swim suit and if you have them, fins, snorkle, mask. But, we’ve got some loaner equipment too.

Additional insights and other dates and community aquatic activities with Coach Mark Rauterkus‚Äč can be found at the Google calendar at CLOH.org.

NA Tigers host a Water Polo Tournament — without PPS Obama

Once again, another fall sports season comes and the city kids don’t have a seat in the fall water polo tournaments. School and district administrators don’t care to support the program by simply approving the submitted pool permit requests so that the team can hold practices. Get this: Pool permits were put into the school in mid-August, and as of September 8, there is still no news.

Avoidance rules in some sectors of PPS.

Frustration mounts, even with the new principal and new superintendent.

Play is important, but, NEVER play in flood waters. Do not do that!

Do Not Play in Flood Waters
Playing in flood waters is not okay. Falling into a hole, storm drain, sewer and other pipe that might be in a temporary clog could cause drowning. The force of the water can change quickly and be super strong. Furthermore, that water is often dirty, filled with bacteria and ripe with infection. Also, electrical risks are high too. Just stay away from flood waters. Playing there is not advised.

Country Club SKWIM game, after a swim meet

Swimmers at the Edgeworth Club play SKWIM following a swim meet again in 2017. Game was played in the 33-meter pool in four lanes. Points are scored when the disk is captured past the backstroke flags, end-zone style. That makes the game similar to Ultimate.
After a quarter or two of play, the swimmers get to move the disk high, over the competition, as well as low and on the water’s surface. In the photo above, the disk is passed up in the air. It is okay to take a little rest on the wall or sideline. And, it is okay to stand on the bottom if you need to as well.