Swimming World article on Jay O’Neil coaching water polo at St. Francis talks of his roots

Western Pennsylvania’s St. Francis University has a women’s water polo program entering its second season in 2018 and has hired Jay O’Neil as its new head coach.

On The Record with Jay O’Neil, St. Francis University Water Polo Coach

Years ago, when Jay was a high school junior and senior at Plum High School, we started “community water polo” there, mixing water polo and swimming.

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The article supports the concepts promoted in a presentation to the Pacific Swim Coaches about including more aquatic games into competitive swimming practices for the sake of long-term engagement of the kids.

Thinking again about aquatic game play — Presentation at NorCal’s Pacific Swim Coaches Clinic

Blurb about the presentation published in the Coaches Clinic Program


The first page asked three questions:

  1. Name: ___________
  2. Email: ___________
  3. Title of your favorite game played with your team: ___________

See: Insights gathered from willing participants.

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Coach Mark Rauterkus at NorCal’s Pacific Swim Coaches Clinic in Napa, California in January 2018.
Photo credit: Tisha Steimle.

The presentation slides are split between two Keynote files due to size issues. If you are using an iPad or Macintosh, send me an email or leave a comment below in the blog and I’ll send you a link straight to the Keynote file via iCloud.

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Included videos

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Swimming and Water Polo co-exist

Pittsburgh Public Schools Westinghouse afterschool program doing water polo across pool

North Allegheny Tiger Water Polo doing ball control

Show off swim at PPS Summer Dreamers by Nahayo in early summer across deep end

Squad, called Voyagers, doing a cheer at end of SKWIM game at Swim & Water Polo with Summer Dreamers


Use the comments box below to submit your questions, comments and perhaps the name of the game you play with your team and swimmers.

Snapshots from Napa:

New Executive Director of SKWIM USA, a 501(c)(3)

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Press Release:

Attention aquatic enthusiasts, professionals, associations and organizations:

The Board of Directors at SKWIM International are very pleased and excited to announce the appointment of Pittsburgh aquatics coach Mark Rauterkus as 2018 SKWIM USA Executive Director.

Coach Mark’s duties will include SKWIM Certification and #playskwim education with U.S. aquatic facilities and local communities, partnerships with USA aquatic sports associations and organizations, and educational sponsorships with key commercial entities.

In addition to building SKWIM programming throughout the Pittsburgh community, Mark is a veteran youth and collegiate swim and water polo coach, and currently holds leadership positions with Obama Academy Aquatics, Summer Dreamers Aquatic Camps, the Pittsburgh Project, Saturday Swim School, Pittsburgh Citiparks Aquatic Safety Education and several summer water-sport events in the greater Pittsburgh area. Coach Rauterkus is a beloved aquatic ambassador on the central east coast, and proven to be invaluable in building SKWIM community and goodwill.

Mark is a sought-after aquatics expert/speaker and currently presenting at the Pacific Swim Coaches Clinic in Napa, CA, January 6th 2018.

Mark continues his duties as swim coach at Obama Academy of Pittsburgh Public Schools, The Ellis School, as well as The Pittsburgh Project’s summer camp.

Please join us in wishing Mark the best of success in the coming year!

Coach Kevin I. McCarthy

Coach Mark Rauterkus becomes Executive Director of nonprofit, SKWIM USA.

Alterntive URL, https://tinyurl.com/SKWIMUSA-executive

SKWIM Press Release Rauterkus 010618r


Entry into Brashear’s High School Swim Pool

Front door of PPS Brashear High School is to the left side of the building. The middle school entry is different. South Hills Middle School has its doors to the right.
Door to the swim pool at Brashear. Look for the cone and smell for the chlorine.
The swim pool is in the back of the building.
Swim pool locker rooms and the gym are up two floors.
Brashear has two gyms. The small gym is the South gym. The swim pool is between both gyms.
Utility hallway near pool that connects the locker rooms.
Six lane, 25-yard pool at Brashear. The spectator seating is up an additional floor and in the end zone.