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Video above is a powerful story of great advocate work as a reaction from a tragic event in South Carolina

Interesting historical perspectives and images in this video. In Pittsburgh, we have been working hard to keep pools open for many decades. We win sometimes. But the pool is only part of the effort. The programs are important too. The school district, Pittsburgh Public Schools, has more than a dozen of swim pools that are not well utilized. There is much to do. 

Steve’s Zoom call(s), to cover 400 dry land exercises
Coach Steve Friederang, the Editor of Competitive Swimmer Magazine and CEO of Competitiveswimmer.comCoach Friederang has degrees and teaching credentials in[...]
Proposed high school swim rule changes and NISCA’s survey — and my two cents
Part 1 of 3:Dual Meet UnderstandingsGet out your decoder rings. Statements from Coach Mark on left and right side has[...]
Slide Deck proposal for Mr. Andrew Grobe of Allegheny County Parks for 2020 Summer activities at the swim pools
Click the button above to get the slide deck in a PDF. Or, look at the slide deck in the[...]
WPIAL swimming schedule with THREE teams in dual meets needs to be fixed. We want a divorce and a new coop.
The Sectional Swim Schedule from the WPIAL has 77 teams, but only two are put into a forced marriage. We both[...]
WPIAL Swim Championship Meets w PIAA psych sheet, 2020
WPIAL Meet Results, 2020Team Scores<img alt="Team scores" data-id="3759" width="721" height="602" title="team-scores-2020-WPIAL-swim-3A" style="" data-src="https://swim.cloh.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/team-scores-2020-WPIAL-swim-3A.png" src=""><noscript><img alt="Team scores" data-id="3759" width="721" height="602" title="team-scores-2020-WPIAL-swim-3A"[...]
Chatham University’s Swim Pool
To get to the Chatham University swim pool, home of the Cougars, a Division III mens and womens team, and[...]
Show prep for the WPIAL Swimming Championships – 2020
https://Time.CLOH.org/wpial-show-prepThe input form link..Raw Info followsThis page needs a make-over, but until then, gander at these links.We are especially hungry[...]
One foot in the air swim drill
What is that drill called?Celia Zwierzynski Wolff posted on the Facebook group, Swim Coaches Idea Exchange, asking for a name[...]
2020 Postal Meet Challenge for those in grades 8, 7, 6 and 5.
Going postal: We are seeking a meet experience for this week for our middle school team.We were to have a[...]
Feb 2020: Middle School Meet Intentions — Attending or NOT?
Ellis Middle School Swimmers and Guardians, thanks for filling out this form and pushing the button below.
Michigan State UWH, Tournament of LOVE is coming back
Some in Pittsburgh are interested in this event.
Three tips to prevent swimming shoulder injuries
Dr. Alex Tauberg is a Chiropractor in Pittsburgh. Dr. Tauberg uses an evidence based approach to get people out of pain[...]
Protected: Middle School Meet Intentions — Attending or NOT?
Ellis Middle School Swimmers and Guardians, thanks for filling out this form and pushing the button below.
The Pgh JCC is hosting an indoor Triathlon
Give this event some consideration. 
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WPIAL Swim Championships of 2019 video broadcast is available to watch.

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