Calling water polo players for high school and middle school teams for fall 2018 season.

See the PDF brochure.


Saturday Swim School does not happen in the summer, but planning for 2018-19 is happening. If you’d like to schedule activities, let’s do that now. Email, Mark@Rauterkus.com.

Presentation with slides and audio from Napa, California.

At the swim pool in Napa.
Check out the presentation at Pacific Swim Coaches Clinic about game-play, water polo and SKWIM for swim teams.

This is how we march in Pittsburgh!

Photo shows D and D, two of our swimmers at Camp King’s Summer Dreamers in Swim & Water Polo. They’re entering the water at Citiparks Sue Murray Pool on the Northside as buddies, each kicking it in their yellow SKWIM fins.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, is a sports town with wonderful rivers and pools.

We are an ambitious community in terms of building knowledge, wellness and ourselves. Recreation happens here. The simple winning formula from Coach Mark includes showing up and then scoring more points.


Summer is not ending yet!

More Aquatic Fun for the Swimming Community contact: Mark@Rauterkus.com, 412-298-3432 = cell Organizer of the Saturday Swim School, https://Swim.CLOH.org Spectators: Watch NCAA Men’s Water Polo games from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday, September 1, 2018 at Citiparks’ Highland Park Pool. Sign up in advance for free clinic with college coaches and experts. High …

Dear Coaches and Summer Club Swim Team Leaders:

Please review this letter AFTER today’s meet when you have leisure time. Sorry for its length. Thanks in advance for the consideration. This summer is not over yet! Let’s forge a relationship by: a) Introducing you and your team to an exciting new aquatic game, SKWIM. b) Empowering you to incorporate these tools and game-play …