Video above is a powerful story of great advocate work as a reaction from a tragic event in South Carolina

Interesting historical perspectives and images in this video. In Pittsburgh, we have been working hard to keep pools open for many decades. We win sometimes. But the pool is only part of the effort. The programs are important too. The school district, Pittsburgh Public Schools, has more than a dozen of swim pools that are not well utilized. There is much to do. 

Three tips to prevent swimming shoulder injuries
Dr. Alex Tauberg is a Chiropractor in Pittsburgh. Dr. Tauberg uses an evidence based approach to get people out of pain[...]
Middle School Meet Intentions — Attending or NOT?
Ellis Middle School Swimmers and Guardians, thanks for filling out this form and pushing the button below.
The Pgh JCC is hosting an indoor Triathlon
Give this event some consideration. 
Squinting while swimming. One eye swimming lesson from Cousin Mike
<img alt="Swim pool dive -- blur. Diving into the 3-foot of water without goggles." width="2205" height="2179" src="https://mark.rauterkus.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Mark_diving_Penn_Aqua-shallow.png">This is how we[...]
All the pools at the Boys & Girls Clubs in and around Pittsburgh have been closed
There used to be a swim pool at the Shadyside Boys and Girls Club. It is now closed too. These[...]
WPIAL swim news for the 2019-20 season
December 2019 https://tribhssn.triblive.com/deer-lakes-morrison-leads-strong-cast-of-returning-a-k-valley-swimmers-divers/?utm_source=second-street&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=HSSN+-+Daily+Morning+Email
Memo to those in the stands at the PPS swim meet for 4th and 5th graders
Way to go Swimmers, Coaches and Guardians!Three cheers for everyone’s participation in the PPS swim meet!Memo:From: Coach Mark Rauterkus, Mark@Rauterkus.com,[...]
Swim camp dates and prices at Pitt
See https://Pittsportscamps.com
Come swim on Saturday
Let’s meet up at the swim pool at PPS Allegheny School at any time between 8 am and 11 on[...]
Remote coaching of a 100 free from a video
Nice swim. Some ideas based upon the images and the shared video. 1. On the blocks.Get shoulders lower and swing those arms[...]
One arm swimming shows up in a free relay in a final meet of the season in Michigan
Here is a story that needs to be repeated about some swimmers in a meet in Michigan swimming their final[...]
World Swim Day is today: October 25, 2019
Are you psyched for a swim?https://worldswimday.org/
Disqualifications of swimmers and divers for a senseless rule has ended!
For years, high school swimmers were warned before their meets. "No jewelry!"All had to take off their ear rings and[...]
Swim logo for broadcast

WPIAL Swim Championships of 2019 video broadcast is available to watch.

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