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WPIAL Swim Championships broadcast on Thursday and Friday. Click image for more insights via 4Rs.org.

One arm swimming shows up in a free relay in a final meet of the season in Michigan
Here is a story that needs to be repeated about some swimmers in a meet in Michigan swimming their final[...]
World Swim Day is today: October 25, 2019
Are you psyched for a swim?https://worldswimday.org/
Disqualifications of swimmers and divers for a senseless rule has ended!
For years, high school swimmers were warned before their meets. "No jewelry!"All had to take off their ear rings and[...]
Nominated for Father of the Year
Way to go dad. Hope you both had a great time at the swim pool! 
Computerize those WPIAL swim meets and send in your times!
Attention all High School Coaches, Meet Hosts and Computer Operators:To assist you in meeting the NEW TIME REPORTING DEADLINE REQUIREMENTS for[...]
Swimming lessons in 9 News reports
https://honey.nine.com.au/latest/mother-unhappy-with-childrens-unsuccessful-swimming-lessons/868eb19e-85e1-48f7-bbc2-5550241fbb9aI've been thinking a lot about the way we all learned to swim back in our own childhoods lately, because[...]
No glass in the swimming pool area
Swimming insight concerning black girls in the UK
BBC reports on issues of black girl swimmers. https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-49247624
Swimming should be every child’s first sport
Girl swimmers experiences with their first period
Video resource from Australia. https://vimeo.com/344008574 Periods can be a stressful experience, but add a little water and it can feel[...]
Water polo scholarship
Ron Gonen, a former athlete from both the University of Massachusetts and Young Athletes of America Water Polo Club, has[...]
Plus sized women, pools and open water
Goals and Story from Australia
Powerful concepts of motivation, goals and a story worth knowing.
Sydney built many pools at edge of ocean
History insights from BBC and Australia https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-47782397 Why not pools on barges on rivers too?
The Dock and waves
Let’s do this with an AquaLilyPad, specialized for the surf runway. Well, we could try.
TEDx Talk by a high school swimmer, Happiness Comes in Waves
Nails it! Way to go! Water, vacations, and the neuro-biology of happiness.
Kicking coach product from Speedo seems to be dead equipment
Let's not use the water wings. Perhaps this equipment is no longer for sale because it was being put onto[...]