Learn how to swim
All of our children need to have many opportunities to learn how to swim throughout their lives. Going to the[...]
Cover models on the NISCA Journal
Click for larger view.Last year's team at Obama Academy. Lots to say about the situations, sports and support at Pittsburgh[...]
Foot flexibility for swimmers. Student study in 1982-83
Grad School Research While at Baylor University in grad school, 1982-83, as a Physical Education graduate assistant, I had a[...]
Workout: Twelve Days of Christmas
Words of the original song (click to expand)[Verse 1]On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to meA[...]
Triumph Time Try-Outs, a bonding experience in the swim pool with both adults and youngsters.
Young people learn to walk, talk and hopefully read and pray at home with the help of their guardians, siblings,[...]
FINA Convention
It’s not just about medals When FINA is mentioned, most people envisage the FINA World Cup and FINA World Championships.[...]
Four top benefits of swimming for runners
Nice article. Source: Runners' World.
Entry into the Allegheny swim pool on the Northside by the Aviary
Do not confuse PPS Allegheny Middle School with North Allegheny. PPS Allegheny Middle School is located on the Northside, directly[...]
Swim News delivered to PPS Elementary School Swim Meet
Dear Swim Coaches, Swimmers, Guardians and Families: All are invited to participate in our Saturday Swim School hosted for the[...]
Output – version 1 of the Test Set Input Form, an example
Notification via www3.g19.pair.comAttachmentsFri, Nov 23, 8:20 PM (12 hours ago)First NameMarkLast NameRauterkusMobile Number+14122983432Email Addressmark@rauterkus.comTeam NameTigersTitle25x25@:25Typical number of swimmers12Frequency per year1Description[...]
Perry High School
Pittsburgh Public Schools' Perry Traditional Academy is on the Northside of Pittsburgh. Perry High School, 3875 Perrysville Ave, Pittsburgh, PA[...]
Arm Swing Routine – Exercises
1) Gentle Neck Rolls (exercise) 2) Reverse Gentle Neck Rolls 3) Trunk twists (exercise) 4) Reverse Trunk Twists 5) Leg[...]
Older Grant Applications for Beta Burgh
Grant proposal posted in 2016. Three proposals were made to the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnerships for its BetaBurgh RFP (request for[...]
Concept Map of Aquatics — a vision thing
Tip: Click image for larger view.Aquatics Concept MapIf you like concept maps, see the other site that is developing and[...]