Thinking again about aquatic game play — Presentation at NorCal’s Pacific Swim Coaches Clinic

Blurb about the presentation published in the Coaches Clinic Program


The first page asked three questions:

  1. Name: ___________
  2. Email: ___________
  3. Title of your favorite game played with your team: ___________

See the results and insights gathered from the willing participants in the audience.


Click image to see larger view.


Coach Mark Rauterkus at NorCal’s Pacific Swim Coaches Clinic in Napa, California in January 2018.
Photo credit: Tisha Steimle.

The presentation slides are split between two Keynote files due to size issues. If you are using an iPad or Macintosh, send me an email or leave a comment below in the blog and I’ll send you a link straight to the Keynote file via iCloud.

Slides in PDF format:

Slides in PowerPoint format:

  1. Part one via Google Drive
  2. Part two via Google Drive

Slides in SlideShare, embedded here:

Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of 2:


Included videos

Five videos do not embed in the PDFs nor with PowerPoint. They do play with the SlideShare or below.

Swimming and Water Polo co-exist

Pittsburgh Public Schools Westinghouse afterschool program doing water polo across pool

North Allegheny Tiger Water Polo doing ball control

Show off swim at PPS Summer Dreamers by Nahayo in early summer across deep end

Squad, called Voyagers, doing a cheer at end of SKWIM game at Swim & Water Polo with Summer Dreamers


Use the comments box below to submit your questions, comments and perhaps the name of the game you play with your team and swimmers.

Snapshots from Napa:

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