Ellis Varsity Swim Team’s Warm Up Procedure for swim meets

We usually do the same warm-up as for practice, which looks like this for a 300:

W/U: 300 W/U: 300 W/U: 300 W/U: 300
4x 75 Sw @ 1:05 (1:27 p) 4x 75 Sw @ 1:20 (1:45 p) 6x 50 Sw @ 1:00 (2:00 p) 6x 50 Sw @ 1:10 (2:20 p)
     #1:  FR-FL-FR      #1:  FR-FL-FR      2x FR-FL      2x FR-FL
     #2:  FR-BA-FR      #2:  FR-BA-FR      2x FR-BA      2x FR-BA
     #3:  FR-BR-FR      #3:  FR-BR-FR      2x FR-BR      2x FR-BR
     #4:  FR-NonFR – FR      #4:  FR-NonFR – FR
1x 50 BA Kick 1x 50 BA Kick 1x 50 BA Sw 1x 50 BA Sw

Then, do 50s, usually 4 x 50-yards Free descending 1-4, then 3 x 50-yards off-stroke as a 25-yards Free, 25-yards off-stroke.

I’d like them to do flip turns after above, and then starts (relay especially, we usually line up in 200 Free Relay order, anyone left over does Medley Relay starts or Free Starts also. Then if we have time, Medley Relay starts. To save time, relay starts are just out to 15-meters and get out from the side).

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