Citiparks Ammon Swim Pool on Bedford Ave in the Hill District

Ammon pool Address

  • Corner of Bedford Ave and Memory Lane, 15219
  • 2217 Bedford Ave. Pittsburgh PA 15219
Outdoor swim pool photo
Ammon, an outdoor pool, is on the corner of Bedford Avenue and Memory Lane. It is a Citiparks facility.


swim pool with 2 goals in deep water.
Some years ago, at the urging of Coach Mark, the city purchased four floating, regulation water polo goals. Playing at Ammon provides a 25-yard course with all deep water.
corner of pool at ammon
Ammon pool has plenty of deck and water space. Adults and varsity athletes can play in the deep end while the middle pool can be used by kids for SKWIM.
6 pm to 7:45 on Tuesdays
Practices were once a week, but due to popular demand, in 2017, the water polo gatherings increased to both Tuesdays and Thursdays.
water polo players at Ammon
Charles, in the photo on the far right, has been the pool manager at Ammon.
group of water polo players
Rookies and experienced players are welcome to join in the water polo practices.
boys at side of pool in dive
Charles, Citiparks Head Lifeguard, teaches the dive into deep end at Ammon outdoor pool, giving us all something to follow and support.

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