A small crew of players from Pittsburgh went to a game day in Akron, Nov 18, 2017

Water Polo

Akron Zips and Cleveland were fine hosts

Pittsburgh Masters Water Polo and our friends at Pitt and CMU were invited to a multi-team game day scrimmage at a great facility not far away, at Akron University.

Starting at 11 am Saturday, November 18, 2017, play happened to nearly 5 pm. with teams from Akron, Cleveland, Case Western, Ball State. A few from Ann Arbor, Michigan, blended with our Pittsburgh players too. It was informal. Refs were folks volunteering. The final game was an all-comers.  Sides were picked and play unfolded. Not much score-keeping in terms of goals and winning the games was happening.

M, K, J, K on the pool deck in Akron, at the home of the Zipps!

Kyle Ford was their organizer.

Ocasek Natatorium (ONAT)
402 Carroll Street
Akron, OH 44325


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