Arm Swing Routine – Exercises


1) Gentle Neck Rolls (exercise)

2) Reverse Gentle Neck Rolls

3) Trunk twists (exercise)

4) Reverse Trunk Twists

5) Leg swing forward and back (exercise)

6) Other leg swings forward and back

7) Leg swings lateral with abductor and adductor motions (exercise)

8) Switch legs and swing laterally.

9) Foot Spins (exercise)

10) Foot Spins with same foot in the other direction.

11) Foot Spins on other foot

12) Foot Spins on other foot other direction

13) Kneeling position (exercise)

14) Right Arm forward Arm Swing (exercise)

15) Left Arm Forward Arm Swing

16) Right Arm Backwards Arm Swing (exercise)

17) Left Arm Backwards

18) Right arm swing in a Sideways Figure 8 Motion (exercise)

19) Right Arm Figure 8 in the Reverse Direction

20) Left Arm Figure 8

21) Left Arm Figure 8 Reverse

22) Up the Sides with both arms (exercise)

23) Up the Front Arm Swings (exercise)

24) Horizontal Arm Swings (exercise)

25) Opposites Arm Swings (exercise)

26) Opposite-Opposites Arm Swings (exercise)

27) Wrist, door-knob open (exercise)

28) Wrist door-knob close

29) Wrist range of motion (exercise)

30) Other wrist range of motion

31) Sit ups (exercise)

32) Yoga Cobra (Exercise)

33) Rattle Snakes (exercise)

34) Hamstring Stretch with Legs in Figure 4 (exercise)

35) Other Side, 4 for Legs

36) Yoga Butterfly Stretch (exercise)

37) Knee to ear (exercise)

38) Other knee to each ear

39) Butterfly arm motion (exercise)

40) Backstroke arm motion (exercise)

41) Breastroke arm motion (exercise)

42) Freestyle arm motion (exercise)

43) Toe raises (exercise)

44) Other leg toe raises

45) Heel raises (exercise)

46) Heel raises with other leg

47) Squat stoop (exercise)

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