Leave it in the pool — Hour of Power Relay — Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018



We’d be happy to host this at Allegheny Middle School’s pool from 5 to 6 pm on Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018. If you wish to attend, put a note in the comment section.

Swimming Lake Superior

What a feat! Way to go.


Map of Lake Superior
Going from US to Canada across the lake
Closer version of drive vs. swim.
Can drive this is 2-hours and 22 minutes. Or swim it.

Fun beach workout with the USC swimmers at California

open water and a fin

What was this?

open water and a fin
Called, “a fin.” Click for larger view of screen grab from the video.

Posted at SwimSwam, https://swimswam.com/practice-pancakes-usc-beach-practice/

Fin photo gallery

Click image for larger view.

I love the PDF fins. They can be either full foot or else with a strap. We have some of each.

One of these photos is more of a joke image. Hope you enjoy it.