Q: What are some of the best times for a 7-year-old swimmer?

Answer from Coach Mark:

Goalie, counter attack, passing, shooting, defending, teamwork, quickness, scoring, improving, trying, exercising together, listening.

Summer is not ending yet!

More Aquatic Fun for the Swimming Community

contact: Mark@Rauterkus.com, 412-298-3432 = cell
Organizer of the Saturday Swim School, https://Swim.CLOH.org

Spectators: Watch NCAA Men’s Water Polo games from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday, September 1, 2018 at Citiparks’ Highland Park Pool.

Sign up in advance for free clinic with college coaches and experts.

High School Boys & Girls: Sign up for scholastic water polo with Pittsburgh Combined. Students from any district can participate.

Practices from 7:30 to 9 am on Mondays and Wednesdays at the indoor swim pool at South Park High School. New players starting on Monday!

Swimmers in grades 6, 7 and 8 are fielding a Pittsburgh Combined Team for the Pennsylvania Middle School League with Sunday tournament games this fall.

Gather a squad of friends, kids and adults, to join a cooperative yet competitive water-safety events with SKWIM (2-team disk-game with fins) at Citiparks Ammon Pool.

Round robin play happens afternoons and evenings, August 6 to 16, 2018. Bring your squad for one session. RSVP now to claim available date.

Adults, join our Masters Water Polo Team, Pittsburgh Renegades, with practices at 6 to 7:45 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

https://Renegades.4rs.org. Dues just $5 per month.

Underwater Hockey Clinic, 6 pm on Friday, August 10, 2018 at Ammon Pool

Any swimmers age 12 and older can attend. Bring fins, mask, snorkel if you have them.


Get details by calling, texting or email with Coach Mark Rauterkus,
412-298-3432, Mark@Rauterkus.com.


Dear Coaches and Summer Club Swim Team Leaders:

Please review this letter AFTER today’s meet when you have leisure time. Sorry for its length. Thanks in advance for the consideration.

This summer is not over yet!

Let’s forge a relationship by:

a) Introducing you and your team to an exciting new aquatic game, SKWIM.

b) Empowering you to incorporate these tools and game-play in your program in future seasons.

Just contact me by text, email or a phone call, and I’ll send you more detailed explanations. Then we can consider our options and customize a tailored approach to your liking. My cell: 412-298-3432. Mark@SKWIMUSA.org.

Local swim programs have already enjoyed wonderful experiences in 2018. I want you and your athletes to become engaged too. We’ve been on-deck and had a great time (generally on multiple occasions) at the Greensburg Country Club, South Hills Country Club, Edgeworth Club in Sewickley, Montour Aqua Club, with a Y team, and throughout the city at various camps and public pools.

Nationally, I’ve been an invited speaker to podcasts and made trips to deliver presentations in Seattle to the Washington Parks & Rec Conference and to Napa, California, for the Pacific Swim Coaches Clinic.

Our fun approach to water safety with SKWIM is new, fun, authentic and purposeful. I hope to share these concepts and their digital badges with you soon so Pittsburgh can lead the nation in deploying these assets and realizing the benefits.


1. Let’s organize a no-cost clinic with your team at your pool this summer.

2. You (and your friends, lifeguards, board-members, guardians and swimmers) are invited to the city to participate in new, competitive, water safety events from August 6th to the 16th, as available openings remain.

3. New, scholastic water polo teams are forming now for both boys and girls, and both high school and middle school. Students from any school district can join Pittsburgh Combined Water Polo. Water polo happens in the fall sports season. As an expansion team and club sport, we’ll play a non-league schedule with practices and some games.

4. Pittsburgh’s adult / masters team, the Renegades, is accepting new (and old) water polo players. Monthly fees are $5.

5. Pittsburgh’s Underwater Hockey team is leading a drop-in clinic for anyone age 12 and older on Friday, August 10.

6. The Saturday Swim School can accommodate additional individuals and groups throughout the fall, winter and spring. Last year’s courses trained more than 100 new lifeguards.

7. On Saturday, September 1, 2018, Citiparks’ Highland Park Pool, is hosting NCAA Men’s Water Polo games (among W&J, PSU, Gannon, Mercyhurst). Spectators are invited and youngsters can sign-up for free clinic sessions with various college coaches and players.

Hopefully, you are interested and an email is sent soon.

Sincerely yours,

Mark Rauterkus


412-298-3432 = cell



Charles helping the swimmers on the Citiparks team at Ammon

Some clips from a summer team practice at Ammon. All in diving happens with deep water swimmers in deep water, of course.

Charles coaching how to do a better dive for the swimmers

Divers at Ammon, one at a time

Push off and swim a 50-yard free for endurance


The city swim meet is at Highland Park Pool on Saturday, August 4, 2018. Good luck to all.

Hopefully we’ll have a newsletter at the meet to invite everyone back to Highland Park Pool to watch the NCAA Men’s Water Polo games on Saturday, September 1, 2018.

Leah Smith crushed it in Columbus, Ohio, this weekend at the TYR Pro Meet

She won the meet in terms of high point title too.

Post meet interview: