Good looking and made from recycled materials

| Equipment

Description: adidas unveils the SS17 Parley Swimming Collection made from Parley Ocean Plastic with Olympic Bronze medallist and ocean activist, Coralie Balmy. Parley Ocean PlasticTM used in the collection features up-cycled ocean plastic made from used fishing nets and debris intercepted in coastal areas that are converted into technical yarn fibers used in high performance swim wear. From the oceans, for the oceans.

And there is an expanded version on that site too.

Some things we can do with area swim teams in summer leagues and country clubs

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Guard training; Guards vs. Clebs; Guards vs. Non-Guards; Guard staff vs. Other staffs.

Post swim meet:

Intra team following a meet; Host team vs. Visitors.

Specialized SKWIM Clinic and Scrimmage:

Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat or Sundays through the summer by appointment.

Summer Field Trip & SKWIM Game Day:

Friday mornings in the city at either Allegheny Middle School (indoors, and next to National Aviary) or outdoors at The Pittsburgh Project on Charles Street.

We’ll set up teams to compete with. Co-ed, multi-generational, and/or age groups.

August SKWIM season and dates:

Following Swim Season, merge into SKWIM & water polo season. Play at team banquet / picnic. Play at North Park. Play in the city. Play at PPS Obama and Sarah Heinz House.

Monday Evening Open Water Swimming (all ages):

On going at Potter’s Cove, Moraine State Park, Get Fit Families Youth Tri team.

Summer: Tuesday evening Drop-In Masters (w Juniors) Water Polo:

Citiparks Ammon Swim Pool, Bedford Ave and Memory Lane, Hill District, up from Pens Arena about 8 blocks. Show up at 6 pm.

Fall Scholastic Water Polo:

Pittsburgh Combined Water Polo. Go to Ohio Cup in Columbus. Play NA JV team. Play with and against Pgh Masters and other programs. HS & MS games. Manchester Academic Charter School.

Winter HS Season:

SKWIM tournament(s) with PPS Obama Academy. Specialized meet and games.

Winter HS Swim Season to include SKWIM games:

+ Hold a sanctioned scrimmage. (Permitted 2 per year and 20 meets.)
++ Schedule a dual meet with Obama Academy. Then we can play post meet and optionally, cut events, to afford more time to play SKWIM post-meet. Northgate, etc., played SKWIM rather than a warm-down.

+++ Saturday Swim School at PPS Oliver HS, 2323 Brighton Ave. Northside.

++++ A SKWIM & Swim Invite is possible. Swim Relays. Play co-ed SKWIM.


Game Modes:

Games: Camp version, Slot version, Ultimate version, Premiere version.


No contact. 3-second max hold. No air-to-air passing or scoring. No disk under. Penalty (:20 time out) for rough play. Start quarter with swim off. Game to 20 with switching sides at 5, 10, 15.

Running to States on the track by way of swim pool

| gobama

Runner in pool

Obama runner and state qualifier in the 100-yard dash, gets in a pool workout after city championships and before the PIAA T&F Meet.

Track star running in the pool with our home made drag device, a milk crate and an old bike tube looped with an aqua jogger belt, for comfort’s sake.

He goes to PIAA T&F Meet in two weeks and hopes to go 10.8 or so. He also plays football and is thinking about attending WVU, Temple, Akron, and a few others.

Dorian Jackson, city champion, 100-yard dash.

Welcome to Pittsburgh Obama! Handout about swimming for the incoming 6th grade students and families.

| gobama

Open Memo:
To: Obama Students and Families

From: Swim & Water Polo Coach, Mark Rauterkus

Contact:, -or-


May 2017

Just to be clear, “Swimming is the best!”

We hope you come to the pool and find out for yourself why this is true. At the end of this newsletter, we’ll provide you with pointers to our schedule so you can start right away. But first, let’s look at a few of the many benefits of being an aquatic athlete.

Over the years, members of the swim team have always been high achievers in academics. Swimmers excel in the I.B. program, perform well on the tests, and thrive in the classroom.

Swimming and water polo are international sports. Water polo was the first team sport played in the Olympics. We all know how well the USA swimmers have dominated the world stage in swimming and more and more men and women of color are earning medals too.

Swimmers get jobs. Many become Citiparks lifeguards and get plenty of hours with a good pay in a fun job, with lots of responsibility. Others get to work with our PPS Summer Dreamers and become swim instructors, coaches and camp leaders with Swim & Water Polo Camp. In 2017, we’ll be able to work on the Northside in the mornings at The Pittsburgh Project with 140 campers, grades K to 12. And, we’ll have 80+ campers at U-Prep and Allegheny (on the Northside by the Aviary) in the afternoons.

Swimmers play SKWIM and Water Polo at Obama too. Offense, defense, passing, goal keeping, teamwork and sportsmanship are all part of play with others in the city and around the state. Older kids get to play with Masters squads against college teams too.

Swimming presents a time to be peaceful and calm in the water. Jumping in the pool clears your head. It gets your heart and all the muscles working. The fitness aspects for the whole body, without head injuries, make strong bodies and give confidence.

Swimming happens at throughout the school year, the school week and the school day – from 6 am practices, to weekends to afterschool and evenings. We’ve got some flexibility. We learn time management. We learn to communicate.

The Varsity Obama Swim Team has some of, if not the best, athletes in the school. We have won city titles, WPIAL gold medals and this year, Sead, Class of 2018, set a new WPIAL record. Our top swimmers have gone to the State Championships every year for the past eight seasons.

We want your future to include swim and water polo experiences. We make friends and keep them for years to come. And, we get into and are welcomed into the best colleges, in part, because of the lessons. leadership and skills we develop with the swim and water polo program at Obama. It is fun, challenging and rewarding.

See for insights into Underwater Hockey, Water Polo, SKWIM, Open Water and afterschool activities. Kids and guardians should subscribe to the Google calendar at and our Facebook pages: Pittsburgh Schenley Swimming and Pittsburgh Schenley Waterpolo.

Middle School practices in the spring – but confirm with the calendar as some travel dates are pending:

4 to 5 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Obama with Coach Mark.

4 to 5 pm on Fridays at Obama as part of a service project with Sead.

Saturdays at Oliver High School on the Northside, 2323 Brighton Road, 11:30 to 1 pm.

High school swimmers are encouraged to join us at Pittsburgh Masters Water Polo sessions and with the Pittsburgh Underwater Hockey practices too.

On Monday evenings throughout the summer, we’ll do open water swimming at Moraine State Park and expect to have a car-pool or van. Departing the city about 4 or 4:30 pm.

On Tuesday evenings throughout the summer, we’ll be playing water polo and SKWIM at Citiparks Ammon Rec Center Pool, Bedford Ave and Memory Lane, weather permitting, of course.

Volunteer spots and some staff positions for our varsity kids remain open for mornings at The Pittsburgh Project on Charles Street and afternoons with PPS Summer Dreamers Swim & Water Polo Camps to happen at both PPS U-Prep in The Hill District and PPS King/Allegheny on the Northside.

From time to time, we’ll compete throughout the summer. Watch for events at North Park.

In August, we’ll gather for regular practices and make a water polo team and enter games and tournaments, with high school, middle school, and even adult (masters) levels. Let’s get in shape this summer, do a triathlon or two, and get cooking for next school year’s success.

Feel free to call me at any time:

Coach Mark Rauterkus

412-298-3432 = my cell


Invite for adult for practices in water polo and underwater hockey

| Invite

Thursday, tonight! Play water polo at CMU, 9 to 11 pm. I think this is the final practice at CMU for the semester.

Saturday, May 6, come to lap swim from 9 to 11:30 am at Oliver High School, 2323 Brighton Road, Northside.

Saturday, May 6, come to play SKWIM, with kids, 11:30 to 1 pm at Oliver High School.

Tuesday, May 9, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, water polo at Obama Academy, 515 N. Highland Ave, Highland Park / East Liberty. Corner of Highland Drive and East Liberty Blvd. That night there will be an open house for incoming students and families. So, the school might be busy. Just go to the swim pool by entering building, turning right, pass the gym.

The May 9 practice will be a “confab” session in that there will be water polo in the deep end (we have regulation floating goals) and Underwater Hockey happening with adults in the shallow end. Something is going to be happening.

Thursday, May 18, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, Whole Pool Water Polo at Obama Academy.

Tuesday, May 23, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, underwater hockey at Obama Academy.

Thursday, May 25, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, whole pool water polo at Obama Academy

Saturday June 3, Saturday Swim School at Oliver HS, Northside

Tue, June 6, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, Underwater Hockey at Obama

Thur, June 8, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, Masters Water Polo at Obama

Saturday, June 10, Saturday Swim School, at Oliver HS, Northside

Summer swim pools should be opening in mid-June….

Tuesday nights we’ll be playing water polo outdoors at Citiparks Ammon pool, Bedford Ave and Memory Lane.

FYI: Open Water Swimming on Monday evenings at Moraine State Park happens throughout the summer.

When in doubt, call. Also, visit the calendar at

Allegheny Middle School Pool, a site for Swim & Water Polo in 2017

| Summer Dreamers

The Northside ‘s Allegheny K-8 is one of the sites for Swim & Water Polo Camp as part of Pittsburgh Public Schools Summer Dreamers Academy in 2017.

swim pool

Allegheny Middle School pool has five lines on the bottom but is set up with only four blocks.

The swim pool is 25-yards in length.

Practices and scrimmages at CMU have been a regular part of the school year schedule

| Water Polo

Scrimmages with Pittsburgh Masters and Carnegie Mellon University players often occur  throughout the fall and spring semesters from 9 to 11 pm.

Stay in the loop as to when and where practices are being held throughout the year by sending an email to and following the Facebook groups as well as the google calendar at

When in doubt about specifics, feel free to call Mark Rauterkus, 412-298-3432.

Pitt to host Women’s Water Polo National Club Championships on May 5, 6 and 7, 2017

| Invite

University of Pittsburgh plays host to a national championship tournament for three full days on May 5, 6 and 7. Pitt’s squad is the 12th seed. Penn State University is also playing and the 16th seed.

See the schedule of games at the Collegiate Water Polo Association page. 

Other teams are from:

  • Ohio State
  • Texas A&M
  • Call Tech
  • University of California-Davis
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • University of Central Florida
  • San Diego State
  • University of Virginia
  • University of Washington
  • Dartmouth
  • University of Utah
  • Columbia
  • Grand Valley State
  • Washington University in St. Louis

Special events are being planned for this weekend in Pittsburgh, beyond just going to the games to cheer.