Entering West Allegheny High School, a frequent host for Underwater Hockey

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West Allegheny High School has been a frequent host for practices for Underwater Hockey.
Throughout December and the early months of 2018, the pool was closed for major upgrades.



Google maps of WA school

West Allegheny High School, 205 West Allegheny Road, Imperial, PA 15126. The red line shows where to park and then navigate inside the building to get to the pool.


Statement to the school board of Pittsburgh Public Schools, March 20, 2017

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statement to PPS-March-2017

Public Statements: March 20, 2017 to PPS Board and Administration:

Mark Rauterkus, Varsity Swim Coach, Obama Academy.

I lead Swim & Water Polo after-school programs at Westinghouse (Mondays), Obama (Tuesdays & Thursdays), Allegheny (starting on Wednesdays), Arsenal (starting Fridays). Our Saturday Swim School (Oliver HS pool on the Northside) continues from 9 am to 1 pm (most weeks). At 6 am I’m at Sci-Tech three days a week. I coached Manchester Academic Charter School at the Sarah Heinz House and help with Pittsburgh Masters Water Polo and, of course, PPS Summer Dreamers. This year PPS Summer Dreamers’ Swim & Water Polo is at King and U-Prep.

These activities are open to new participants, especially the Saturday Swim School. See my web sites at CLOH.org for details. CLOH = Creating Literate Olympians Here.

As we look to the summer, I’m going to be creating a new swimming, water polo and TRIATHLON team, on the Northside on Charles Street with The Pittsburgh Project.

Kids, adults, teachers, … we’re hiring. Some of the varsity swimmers help, but we need about 35 as swim instructors, junior captains, guards, and coaches. Much of this work happens with the help of the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, and I’m activity recruiting employees.

Apply at the link at CLOH.org.

News flash:

Earlier this month, an Obama Swimmer, Sead Niksic, junior, set a new WPIAL Record in the class AA 100-yard backstroke. This is the first time a PPS student in any sport broke a WPIAL record. That news got a mentioned on the PPS home page.

All-in-all, our swimmers performed in brilliant fashion at the WPIAL and PIAA meets. After the snow storm, I took three of the Obama students to the PIAA meet. The Obama boys team finished in the top 20 in the state. All of the swimmers set personal and school records.

This was the 9th consecutive season our PPS kids from Schenley / Obama went to states.
Sead was second in the back and third in the fly. Noah scored 13th in the 500 free in his first trip to states as a sophomore. Amila, a freshman, dropped an additional 1-second in her backstroke, after getting 2nd at the WPIAL championships, having been seeded 10th.

Next news flash:

You, your spouse, coaches, swimmers, lifeguards, PE teachers, and all community members are invited to join in at a seminar and demonstration as well as post-game social to be held in Pittsburgh’s South Side starting at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, April 12, 2017, at the historic, Citiparks’ Oliver Bath House. Out of town guest include aquatic experts with the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA.org) and Kevin McCarthy of Washington state, inventor of the aquatic game, SKWIM. Bring your swim suit and towel as we will put our PA friends into SKWIM games with opponents from around the nation. We’ll learn about this terrific game, talk swimming, and find out what you might want to do to help get our kids swimming, more fit and safer in the water. We need to better utilize our facilities too.

After our time at the Oliver Bath House, all are invited to walk to a post game social starting at 9 pm at our home / office at 108 S. 12th Street, South Side, Pgh 15203.

Gratis Tickets / RSVP at Swim.CLOH.org.

October Reminder

In October 2016, I came to speak. My specific ask was for PPS support for WATER POLO instead of GOLF. The Obama golf team had one kid this year and none have made it to the final city-league match in the past two years. We have dozens of water polo players, and we own the pool. This would be a tremendous help for the students, programs and district in many ways. And, as a switch, it can be “budget neutral.”
I made that request to the board and the top administrators because you are the ones that will have to make it happen.

I find it sad that I have heard nothing about this issue from any of you since then.

Let’s fix this for fall 2017.

New & Old Issues:

Furthermore, other matters, not well suited for public comment, need some attention. As we talk about district supported water polo, (we mainly need money for officials, some bus transit to matches and practice times at the school pool), we can share that list. This focused list of suggestions has many repeated requests from the past.

New schedule for the PIAA Swim Championships


The PIAA Swim Championships have been turned into a timed final event rather than prelims and finals. Plus, the divers got moved back to the next weekend. Swimming starts on Thursday and ends on Friday for Class AA, smaller schools such as Obama Academy. The the Class AAA swimmers compete on Saturday and Sunday.

2016-2017 Bucknell Schedule – Revised Weather

Divers needed to work around the Bucknell Water Polo events.
2017 Diving Schedule Revised

  • PA Swimming
  • PIAA Swim Championships
  • Fired up for the 100 backstroke at states

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    Scoreboard photo above is from the finals of the 2016 PIAA class AA meet at Bucknell.

    Boys 100 Back, seeded second, from Obama Academy and Pittsburgh Public Schools, junior, Sead Niksic:

    Watch Sead Niksic, lane 4, set a new WPIAL Record, 51.29, at Pitt in the 2017 WPIAL championships.

    Hint: Sead’s in the middle of the pool and his swim suit has one black leg and the other leg is a dark pink color.

    Schedule for the 2017 PIAA Swimming Championships at Bucknell

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    Subject to change: A new schedule may come from the PIAA by 2 pm on Monday, 3/13.

    Various memos and insights about the 2017 PIAA Swimming & Diving Championships are here and posted below. All are PDFs.

    Schedule of sessions for 2017

    In 2017, the AA meet is first and the AAA meet is second. So, the AA swimmers and coaches check in on Tuesday, March 14, and compete on Wednesday and Thursday. The AAA swimmers and coaches check in on Thursday and compete on Friday and Saturday.

    In 2017, the girls compete before the boys. So, the girls get up early for prelims. Meanwhile, the boys finals are slated to conclude around 10 pm.




    Map of Bucknell



    Getting to the meet is one thing. Getting in the doors as a spectator is another matter.


    Order form for advance ticket sales. Each swimmer is able to purchase three tickets for the sessions he or she is entered. If a girl swimmer is only in the 100 backstroke, on day 2, then she is not able to buy tickets for day 1 events. Furthermore, a girl swimmer in the 100 back will not be able to walk on deck and watch her brother compete in the 100 back in either prelims nor finals. She would need to buy tickets and sit in the stands for those sessions.


    Day 2 at 2017 WPIAL class AA Championships

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    Boys 500 Free:

    Noah swims 500 free. Goes new school record, 4:54.01.

    Noah’s splits:
    28.35, 55.05
    29.89, 1:54.20
    30.56, 2:54.56
    30.40, 3:55.34
    28.73, 4:54.01

    Seed time was 5:09.42.

    Girls 100 Back:

    Amila Niksic, lane 2, She wins the heat but was the 10th seed overall with a seed time of 1:04.17 to a final time of 1:00.81 and second place, WPIAL silver medal.

    Boys 100 Back:

    Sead Niksic, lane 4, New WPIAL Record, 51.29

    Boys 400 Free Relay:

    Free Relay:
    Noah Jamison= 24.32, 27.27 = 51.59
    David Donehue = 25.59, 28.89 = 54.48
    Krishnan . Alagar = 27.63, 31.35 = 58.98
    Sead Niksic = 23.20, 25.05 = 48.25

    FYI, OLD school record stands from 4 years ago, 3:26.07. In 2018, that record can fall.