Swim News delivered to PPS Elementary School Swim Meet

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Dear Swim Coaches, Swimmers, Guardians and Families:

All are invited to participate in our Saturday Swim School hosted for the next few weeks at Pittsburgh Public Schools’ Allegheny Middle School on the Northside right across the street from the Aviary.

Meet us at the pool, both kids and adults, from 11:30 am to 1 pm. No charge. This is a “labor of love.”

11:30 to 1 pm on Saturday, December 8 & December 15, 2018

Location: In December 2018, we’ll be at PPS Allegheny.

We held the Saturday Swim School for the past two years at Oliver High School on Brighton Road, but the pool there has been out of commission throughout the fall of 2018, sadly. Perhaps we’ll go back to Oliver HS in early 2019.

Activities: On Saturdays, we have some swim instruction and often play a game in the pool called SKWIM. It is with a water disk but a lot like water polo too. To learn more about SKWIM, see https://SKWIM.us.

Kids and Adults are able to participate from 11:30 to 1 pm.

Adults, Triathletes and Varsity high school swimmers looking improve and gain in fitness and are able to swim on Saturdays from 9:30 to 11:30 am. We run two sessions on Saturdays.

Being a good swimmer makes you safe and can lead to becoming a lifeguard in the future. We train lifeguards in the spring at the Saturday Swim School too.

Being safe in and around the water, especially at the beach and in other settings beyond an indoor swim pool with lifeguards, should be a goal for all citizens. We want you to test your AQUATIC KNOWLEDGE with a fun, online quiz. There are FOUR levels. Free. See https://SKWIM.us to click on the quiz and learn more about rip-currents and test your decision-making.

Extra: We also do programs on Sundays at Moon High School, Tuesday nights at Chartiers Valley High School, play water polo in the fall at South Park High School, and swim at many outdoor pools in the summers including at the Pittsburgh Project on the Northside on Charles Street and at Citiparks Ammon Rec pool on Bedford Ave in The Hill District. Stay in touch with an email or visit, https://4RS.org.

Thanks for your interest and keep on swimming!

Coach Mark Rauterkus of Pittsburgh’s South Side
412-298-3432 = cell

PPS ATA swim pool with lilypad and boy and disks

Play at Allegheny Traditional Academy MS pool in an afterschool program. Boys love their toys. We create, engage ourselves, build, balance and have fun. Who knows what we’ll be doing next.


Questions from a parent

I received a flyer about swimming yesterday for my daughter from a Pittsburgh Public School. We are interested in the swim program from 11:30-1 but wanted more information.

Are adults expected to get on the pool with their kids? Do children need to be able to swim to participate? Is their a younger age cut off (can my 4 year old participate)?

Thank you for offering this program.


Adults do not need to get in. I encourage it. I aim for that family experience as it is different, and I feel valuable. Most adults just watch. Some get in.

With the wee one at 4, I would really like the adult to get in, but you would need to be present. I don’t expect many to be there however.

Thank you for your speedy reply.

Just to be clear my four year old would not be able to participate if I do not get in the pool? I do not plan on getting in the pool and we will not attend if that is the case.

Both my 6 year old and 4 year old have taken previous swimming lessons and were (Its been a long time since summer) comfortable in the water but cannot actually swim.

And again thank you I think it is great you are offering this opportunity for the children in Pittsburgh.


Since I don’t think we’ll have many folks there this Saturday — I’m okay to get in with your kids without you in the water this week for a part of the time — for sure for about 30-minutes. Can you come around 10:30 or 11 am? I don’t want to have a dozen middle school kids (doubtful) and the wee one’s get a bad experience. I don’t expect that they’ll want to be swimming much past 40-minutes total anyway.

Good to be able to meet you and start up something with them.

I’m flexible for sure. But this is a wide-ranging invite. No scout groups, football squads or lifeguard classes are happening / booked in December.


I looked around on the website on the flyer some but was not able to find some information. Can you tell more more about the program in general. From what I understand this is just a free trial but you offer swim lessons throughout the year? I saw on the calendar the Saturday Swim School for kids and adults on the 8th and 15th but it also looks like it is on there for the 22nd so I am assuming you would have to pay for that one? How much are lessons usually? Or is it always just a free program? Are parents expected to swim during normal swim lessons (I really hate getting in pools in winter, I don’t know why, haha)?

My daughter is also in a Girl Scouts Troop. Can you give me more information about a troop signing up for programming? What is the cost, what does it involve, are parents expected to get in the pool, etc.?

Thank you for your time.


The swim lessons I offer throughout the school year on Saturdays have been free for three years. I don’t expect to charge anything any time soon. Some of the places we go to need a small fee, such as Moon Area HS pool on some Sundays is $2 for a drop in fee.

Girls Scouts are welcome. Just call ahead. No charge. I want to figure out what day and be sure I’m there (no wedding / away swim meet). And, — sadly — what pool is available. We had done it at Oliver. Had to shift to Allegheny. Both are fine, but there is more room at Oliver for larger groups.

I am alone — so yes — we’d want to build up a host of volunteers with the kids in the water. I wouldn’t want to handle a whole girl scout group — say more than 6 — without another adult or two. Best if adults are in the water and I’m out of it even.

I do have some other guard friends to call.

Sure. Let’s plan something. We’ll go all the way through May, I expect.

Output – version 1 of the Test Set Input Form, an example

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Notification via www3.g19.pair.com


Fri, Nov 23, 8:20 PM (12 hours ago)

First Name


Last Name


Mobile Number


Email Address


Team Name




Typical number of swimmers


Frequency per year


Description of test set

Swim 25 yards 25 times on :25 second interval.
What is being measured?

If the set can be done or not. And, if failure happens, on what repeat?

Desired output

Name, date, stroke and completed 25s should be reported.
Desired calculations and processing powers?

No calculations are needed.

Output also includes a CVS file for each entry that can later be merged into a spreadsheet or database.

Screen shot with email of CSV file.

Summary email from form data includes a CSV file as an attachment.



Perry High School

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Pittsburgh Public Schools’ Perry Traditional Academy is on the Northside of Pittsburgh.

Perry High School, 3875 Perrysville Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15214

Views from the neighborhood

Street scene by Perry High School

Perrysville Avenue, across the street from the High School

Doors to Perry High School's swim pool.

Doors that lead to the swim pool and the gym at Perry High School’s athletic building, next to the high school.

School on the hill, Perry High School front door.

Front of the school of Perry Traditional Academy

Side of Perry High School

School building and the gym and pool are connected by a pedestrian bridge. Park by going behind the school, under the bridge.

Corner by Perry High School

Corner by Perry High School

Bus by Perry High School

Perry High School gets PAT Bus service along Perrsyville Avenue.

Mt. Lebanon High School Pool

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Arm Swing Routine – Exercises

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1) Gentle Neck Rolls (exercise)

2) Reverse Gentle Neck Rolls

3) Trunk twists (exercise)

4) Reverse Trunk Twists

5) Leg swing forward and back (exercise)

6) Other leg swings forward and back

7) Leg swings lateral with abductor and adductor motions (exercise)

8) Switch legs and swing laterally.

9) Foot Spins (exercise)

10) Foot Spins with same foot in the other direction.

11) Foot Spins on other foot

12) Foot Spins on other foot other direction

13) Kneeling position (exercise)

14) Right Arm forward Arm Swing (exercise)

15) Left Arm Forward Arm Swing

16) Right Arm Backwards Arm Swing (exercise)

17) Left Arm Backwards

18) Right arm swing in a Sideways Figure 8 Motion (exercise)

19) Right Arm Figure 8 in the Reverse Direction

20) Left Arm Figure 8

21) Left Arm Figure 8 Reverse

22) Up the Sides with both arms (exercise)

23) Up the Front Arm Swings (exercise)

24) Horizontal Arm Swings (exercise)

25) Opposites Arm Swings (exercise)

26) Opposite-Opposites Arm Swings (exercise)

27) Wrist, door-knob open (exercise)

28) Wrist door-knob close

29) Wrist range of motion (exercise)

30) Other wrist range of motion

31) Sit ups (exercise)

32) Yoga Cobra (Exercise)

33) Rattle Snakes (exercise)

34) Hamstring Stretch with Legs in Figure 4 (exercise)

35) Other Side, 4 for Legs

36) Yoga Butterfly Stretch (exercise)

37) Knee to ear (exercise)

38) Other knee to each ear

39) Butterfly arm motion (exercise)

40) Backstroke arm motion (exercise)

41) Breastroke arm motion (exercise)

42) Freestyle arm motion (exercise)

43) Toe raises (exercise)

44) Other leg toe raises

45) Heel raises (exercise)

46) Heel raises with other leg

47) Squat stoop (exercise)

Older Grant Applications for Beta Burgh

| CLOH concepts

Grant proposal posted in 2016.

Three proposals were made to the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnerships for its BetaBurgh RFP (request for proposals). The grants are for up to $10,000 each. See the text of those links by surfing around these links:


Open water swimming, Swim.CLOH.org

River lagoons, 4RS.org

Floating pools feasibility, Rauterkus.com