Paper, ink and glue!

Our love of Reading, Writing, Editing, Selling (not so much), and Sharing of books goes far and deep

More than 100 titles (including books, magazines, software packages, audio books, and videos) have been developed and published since the 1980s. Most are out of print.

Flashbacks in History:

  • Swimming in Illinois (magazine)
  • Great States Swimming News (magazine), absorbed by Swimming World
  • Sports Support Syndicate (imprint)
  • United States Tactical Water Polo by Monte Nitzkowski, perhaps the best text book in the sport
  • Audiology Support Syndicate (software)
  • Publishing assistance for Wilburn Hayden’s book, Appalachian Black People: Identity, Location and Racial Barriers
  • Time Out! I Didn’t Hear You, with a 2017 update

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