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Squinting while swimming. One eye swimming lesson from Cousin Mike

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Swim pool dive -- blur. Diving into the 3-foot of water without goggles.

This is how we saw things and lived, back in the day.

I tell this story a few times a year about my cousin, Mike. When we were little he was always squinting in the pool. Weird face. I asked him why was he looking like that with his face. Well, he swam with one eye open and the other closed for as long as he could throughout the day. Then when the chlorine in the water became too much for his red eye in use, he would switch his squint and have a good, fresh eye available to resume the fun activities and swimming for the second half of the day.

So, don't close both eyes half way. Rather, do what Mike did. Close one eye all the way and save it for later!

But, we swam in the days and times when there were not swim goggles.

PAC swimmers

Both of us are in this photo.

Mike, the oldest

Mike, the oldest in the family.

Saint Michael guards the Kona

Saint Michael guards in Kona.

Polar Bear Plunge in Pittsburgh

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Coach Mark Rauterkus at the edge of the Mon River on the morning of January 1.

Coach Mark Rauterkus at the edge of the Mon River on the morning of January 1.

Mark and Grant

Dad and son, Mark and Grant with the river in the background and a foggy view of Station Square.

Fur coats welcome

Bring your fur coat and fur swim suits too.

Social event. Reunite with friends.

These are my peeps!

Kids can do it. Guardians as well.

Kids can do it. Guardians as well.

Lots of folks on the Mon Wharf.

They all can't be wrong. It is a blast.

Jumping into the river.1

Jumping into the Mon. Go feet first.

U-Turn in the cold water

It is a plunge and a quick u-turn. Never swim alone.

Warm glow after

Ian is a rock star. Bring your friends.

Some are not so lucky. Santa hat floats past.

Bye Santa.

For that extra aerobic animal fix, run from the Downtown on the Mon Wharf to the South Side.

Historic look at a Brickner

We love the Brickners. Don't know this guy.

Bravo to those who made it and took a swim!

This event is epic, and both a Pittsburgh thing as well as a world-wide experience.

Some years are way colder than others.