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Show prep for the WPIAL Swimming Championships – 2020


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Researching news articles in advance of the WPIAL Swimming Championships, as show prep. 

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Over the past few years, Northgate has quietly become one of the best swimming programs in Class 2A.

In 2018, the boys won the school’s first WPIAL team title and, last year, a last-second victory in the 400 freestyle relay, the final event of the meet, pushed the Flames girls to their first crown.

In 2020, though Northgate is the defending girls champion, repeating may be a bit much to ask for a team that lost perhaps the best swimmer in school history in Karen Siddoway to graduation and senior Isabella Salerno, who opted not to come out for her senior year.

“We’re in a lull year because we basically lost two girls,” Northgate coach Jess McKelvey said. “We knew it was going to be a little bit of a stretch last year. We went for it and it worked out for us, for sure.”

While the girls may not be top heavy with stars, they will have quite a few qualifiers who will provide key points that will keep Northgate competitive.

“This year will be a little bit more of a reach,” McKelvey said. “We’ll still show up and do well, but we’ll show up with a lot of girls who have a lot of potential … and next year we’ll be back at it again.”

While the expectations are a touch lower for the girls this year, the boys may have enough to reclaim their title from Indiana. The Little Indians won the title by 18.5 points over the Flames a year ago.

Even so, both the boys and girls teams are building toward potential dual titles in 2021. That’s especially possible considering what is coming down the pike.

“I’ll just have some out of the park freshmen coming my way on both sides for next year,” McKelvey said. “We have always had a wonderful feeder program and, since our area is pretty small, we get a lot of interest in our area in the summer.”

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Thomas Jefferson 

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Past Years

Disqualifications of swimmers and divers for a senseless rule has ended!


For years, high school swimmers were warned before their meets. "No jewelry!"

All had to take off their ear rings and friendship bracelets. Oh, those friendship bracelets were tough. Some had been worn for years -- and were often sentimental keepsakes that the rules and officials terminated, year-in-and-year-out. Ugh. 

Finally, the rules have changed. Kids can swim with a nose ring, an ankle bracelet, rings and even a pony tail tie!

Computerize those WPIAL swim meets and send in your times!


Attention all High School Coaches, Meet Hosts and Computer Operators:

To assist you in meeting the NEW TIME REPORTING DEADLINE REQUIREMENTS for the 2019/20 season, Hy-tek Training for Meet Manager and Team Manager will be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 at Bethel Park High School beginning at 6:30 p.m.  The meeting will be held in the Library. Pre-registration is not necessary, and participants are encouraged to bring their laptops to the training. 


The Library at Bethel Park High School - 309 Church Road - Bethel Park, PA 15102 - enter through the athletics entry, make a right turn upon entering, head through the doors on the far side of the gymnasium.  Though those doors head straight past the auditorium and the library is on the left.  

Please review the NEW TIME REPORTING DEADLINE REQUIREMENTS from the April 23, 2019, scheduling document - available on the WPIAL Website. C:\Users\jmorton\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.MSO\C5DFA57A.tmp

Please contact either Jamie Morton ( or David Kutrufis ( with any questions.

PIAA Swim Rules Meetings on the calendar

The meetings dates, times and locations for coaches and officials about the PIAA Swim Rules for this season are posted on the calendar and here,

Mt. Lebanon High School Pool

| Invite

Question about scholastic swim team coaching from KWB and a reply



Need some ideas..did a goals meeting tonight since I felt tension in my small high school team. We have a very new team dynamic this year won our 1st meet since 1999. We have some are very talented young swimmers with big goals ie state champion. Some who admittedly say they are social swimmers upperclassmen. The Social swimmers are not interested in practicing or winning just want to have fun. Show up late, leave early, skip practice all together or just sit and watch or talk during sets. They feel too much emphasis on winning this year Others want to win and improve. Not enough swimmers to have jv and varsity. So no matter how poor attitude or motivation is everyone swims or we cant cover every event. How do I meet both groups needs working those with goals hard enough to meet them and some how get the non-competetive group to try without jealousy coming into play.

Reply from Coach Mark:

You won’t meet the needs of two camps. However, I think it would be better to look at the needs of each individual and try to meet his or her needs — as a person, as an athlete, as a swimmer, as a school student, as a mentor. So, break it down to personal relationships. Trust and respect with each person. However, this gets really libertarian rather quickly. Monolithic TEAM — not so much.

IMHO, I love to stress that kids on the team, and kids in life, need to have brushes with excellence. It is a perspective thing. Sure, everything in life isn’t going to be great, be excellent, be all academic Ivy League. But, we need to have our kids have exposure to witness that — or perhaps some — to live it, or be near it.

How cool is it that you’ve got a team-mate with state champion goals.

Your goal talk was a great way to get that discussion rolling. You will need more and more of them, in semi-private, individual and public ways.

Understand, that how I treat SAM is not going to be exactly like how I treat YOU. Worry most about the 1-to-1 with each athlete. Athletes can’t mind nor be jealous of what unfolds in another relationship. We all need to share the respect of team and we all have a role within the overall squad.

We need social swimmers. I value social swimmers. Social swimmers should be, and are welcomed. But, social swimmers who get in the way of other people, then they are really being anti-social and are a problem that is about disrespect and dishonesty.

Swimmers from The Ellis School at the Pennsylvania State Swim & Dive Championships


Good Luck to Bryn at the 2018 AA Swimming & Diving State Championship Meet.

Bryn, a junior at The Ellis School, gets to go to make the trip to states and swim the 50 free on Friday, March 16, 2018. Watch this page for updates on her results. The meet is also put on TV with a broadcast from PCN, Pennsylvania Cable Network. Another source for swim information is the website and Twitter feed from PA

Safe travels and godspeed to Bryn, her family and The Ellis School’s head swim coach, Ed Chow.


Pennsylvania High Schools can choose to compete in various sports under the organization of the PIAA. Many of the schools in and around Pittsburgh, including The Ellis School, are part of PIAA District 7, also called, the WPIAL.

A limited number of student athletes get to advance to the state championships each year by qualification at the district meets.

First step, qualify for the WPIAL Meet

two swimmers standing on deck

Violet and Bryn from The Ellis School at the 2018 WPIAL AA Swimming Championship Meet at the University of Pittsburgh’s Trees Hall.

In 2018, two swimmers from The Ellis School, Violet and Bryn, both were able to swim two individual events each. In high school meets, swimmers are only permitted to swim two events maximum. Finishers in the top four positions in each event get an automatic invite to attend and compete in the state championship meet held two weeks after the WPIAL Championships. The State Championships are at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA, again in 2018.


Second step, sizzle at the WPIAL Meet!

Podium Appearances in 2018 at the WPIAL Meet by The Ellis School

Watch Bryn, junior, The Ellis School, swim the 50 free at the 2018 WPIAL AA Championships — winning her heat from lane 3.

Third step, go to states and compete!

Bryn is seeded with the 25th fastest time in the psych sheet before the competition begins. All the swimmers compete in the morning prelims and the fastest 8 make championship finals and those from 9 to 16 make the consolation finals. Finals are contested in the evening.

rankings of times, 1st to 32nd.

Psych sheets for the girls 50 free, class AA, 2018. Notice how close the times are among the competitors. Click image for larger view.

History: Past swimmers from The Ellis School were able to compete at states

Marie Concilius, the most recent swimmer from The Ellis School to compete at states, swam with these results:

  • 2013 (11th Grade) 500 Freestyle (19th), 5:18.85
  • 2012 (10th Grade) 200 Freestyle (22nd), 2:00.13
  • 2011 (9th Grade) 500 Freestyle (20th), 5:19.78 and 200 Freestyle (29th), 2:01.40.Marie was definitely an exceptional swimmer to be a 3-time PIAA qualifier.There are no Ellis swimmers back through 2009, but prior record reviews and updates are welcomed.

PIAA Class AA meet in March 2018 — Noah’s seedings explained.


Noah Jamison, junior, Obama Academy of Pittsburgh Public Schools has two events at the PIAA AA Meet at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA. This posting helps to explain where he is seeded going into the meet.

To get to states, swimmers can earn an an automatic invite by placing high in their respective district meets. The WPIAL Championships, District 7, is Noah’s as the Obama Academy joined the WPIAL some 6 or so years ago.

Or, swimmers can earn an invite to the PIAA meet with a fast qualifying time until all the other spots are filled, an “at-large bid” so to speak.

To figure out the seeded position, one must blend the two pathways.

Screen-shots of the psych sheets are presented below. Click image for a larger view. Also posted at PA

200 IM

Noah is with the 16th fastest time entered in the meet, 2:01.22.

Automatic qualifiers in boys 200 IM, AA, 2018

At large qualifiers in boys 200 IM, AA, 2018. Noah at 3rd, 2:01.22.

500 Free

Noah is with the 8th fastest time entered in the meet.

Automatic qualifiers in boys 500 free, AA, 2018. Noah at 8th place, 4:48.92.

At large qualifiers in boys 500 free. Noah’s time is faster than all the at-large times.

Good Luck Noah!

Seeded 16th in the 200 IM and 8th in the 500 free.

State Meet has prelims and finals in the same day.

In the PIAA Meets, both AA and AAA, everyone gets to swim in the prelims. Then the fastest 8 times get to advance to the championship finals and the places 9 to 16 get to advance to the consolation finals. The championship and consolation finals races are in the night on the same day as the prelims. Only those in championship finals, from first to eighth at the end of the prelims can finish in the spots 1 to 8. Those who finish in morning session in places 9 to 16 get to race for final positions from 9th to 16th.

The 200 IM is on the first day of the meet, Friday. The 500 free is on the second day of the meet, Saturday.