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Girl swimmers experiences with their first period

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Video resource from Australia. 

Periods can be a stressful experience, but add a little water and it can feel like a total nightmare!

This short documentary features three experienced competitive swimmers sharing some tips talking about their own personal experiences. No one is alone in the journey of growing up, even though it can sometimes feel that way. Please share this video and help empower our strong, young females.

Water polo scholarship

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Ron Gonen, a former athlete from both the University of Massachusetts and Young Athletes of America Water Polo Club, has established a $5,000 scholarship available to water polo athletes aged 14-19 who exhibit leadership or the potential for leadership based on the values of teamwork, sportsmanship and community.

Named in honor of his mother, the purpose of the scholarship is to provide an athlete with limited financial means the opportunity for high level training and instruction. Funds can be used for academic endeavors such as private high school tuition with a water polo team.

 Button below goes to the formal application. The deadline for the application is July 1st, 2019. Send all application material to

American Water Polo horizontal logo

American Water Polo

FINA Convention

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It’s not just about medals

When FINA is mentioned, most people envisage the FINA World Cup and FINA World Championships. It is sometimes forgotten that FINA – as the International Governing Body of the Aquatics industry – also provides invaluable information and support to those involved in the sport.

Over the last 3 days, the Convention brought up some very topical issues within the Aquatics world. Two excellent examples were Swimming for Life (FINA Development programmes) and Innovative approaches to teaching swimming (Myrtha Pools).

Perhaps Brazilian Olympic swimmer Thiago Pereira summarises it best: ‘Swimming is the only sport that saves life.’

FINA is not just about organising large events with the world’s best athletes. It has a duty of care to educate swimming coaches and teachers on the best ways to get their students in the water and safe in the water. As Carl Partridge from AUSTSWIM puts it, ‘we teaches teachers to teach’.

With sessions like this at the Convention, a fundamental life skill is promoted which will be spread around the world and consequently save lives.

“We’re taking away relationships and connections with coaches from around the world – connections that would never have been possible without this event.”
Sebastian Weber, Head of Human Performance, INSCYD

An abundance of culture

The Convention, with attendees from 209 National Federations, enjoyed a rich variety of cultures and provided a fantastic opportunity to listen and learn from different global perspectives.

This year’s delegates were afforded the chance to hear insights from some of the world’s best coaches, including two well-known and well-respected Chinese coaches. It is unusual to gain such access, especially with Tokyo 2020 less than 600 days away.

“Pride. We’re proud to be able to confidently say that Arena is a truly global brand which resonates across many different countries. It’s been amazing to get such valuable feedback from coaches and Federations all over the world.”
Mizu Yamada, Brand Manager, Arena

FINA is more than Swimming

Undoubtedly, Swimming is one of the most popular sports in the Olympics, yet it is not the only sport FINA governs. From Artistic Swimming to Diving, Open Water Swimming to Water Polo, there is much to be shared by experts in these disciplines.

One great example from the Convention – Extraordinary Technical Water Polo Congress – saw an hour-long session with 23 Water Polo experts offer insight into and advice about the sport.

First-time exhibitors KAP7 – “Built for Water Polo Players by Water Polo Players” – definitely made their mark in Hangzhou.

“This event has allowed us to expand our network at the very top level of international swimming. In our business, relationships are critical and we’re always thankful to be able to participate in this event.”
Yiota Charalambous, Operations Manager, Arena Sports Cyprus

Life-long connections

‘The Number 1 reason we attend the FINA Convention? Networking,’ says Lindsay Hoffman, Vice President of SUITMATE.

Networking at the Convention does of course offer commercial opportunities – but more than that, it offers friendship too. In a unique environment, where exhibitors meet and connect, life-long friendships are made.

“Friendship. This event allows us to get to know our international colleagues and Aquatics stakeholders better – developing stronger relationships and ultimately friendships.”
Marco Coesel, CEO, Variopool


With a record-breaking number of attendees, and access to world-class speakers, the 2018 Convention was ground-breaking.

Access to the Chinese market has been a rare and exciting opportunity.

Aquatics has come a long way, and events like the FINA Convention help us achieve the best possible future for Aquatics.

FINA World Aquatics Convention
FINA Office
Chemin de Bellevue 24a/24b
1005 Lausanne

Output – version 1 of the Test Set Input Form, an example

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Notification via


Fri, Nov 23, 8:20 PM (12 hours ago)

First Name


Last Name


Mobile Number


Email Address

Team Name




Typical number of swimmers


Frequency per year


Description of test set

Swim 25 yards 25 times on :25 second interval.
What is being measured?

If the set can be done or not. And, if failure happens, on what repeat?

Desired output

Name, date, stroke and completed 25s should be reported.
Desired calculations and processing powers?

No calculations are needed.

Output also includes a CVS file for each entry that can later be merged into a spreadsheet or database.

Screen shot with email of CSV file.

Summary email from form data includes a CSV file as an attachment.



Perry High School

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Pittsburgh Public Schools' Perry Traditional Academy is on the Northside of Pittsburgh.

Perry High School, 3875 Perrysville Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15214

You must find and use this entry to get to the swim pool.

Arrow to door at Perry HS

Look for these doors on the athletic building at Perry High School to get to the swim pool. All the other doors will be locked and only this door has the open stair-well to get to the swim pool. Door is marked with an arrow.

Close up of the doors to the Perry Pool

Use these doors to gain entry into the school's swim pool. After entering the building, go down the stairs. If you happen to be late or if these doors are locked, call (voice) Coach Mark, 412-298-3432. Then we will send up a person to unlock the doors for you.

Views from the neighborhood:

Street scene by Perry High School

Perrysville Avenue, across the street from the High School

School on the hill, Perry High School front door.

Front of the school of Perry Traditional Academy

Side of Perry High School

School building (on the left) and the gym and pool (on the right) are connected by a pedestrian bridge. Park by going behind the school, under the bridge.

Corner by Perry High School

Corner by Perry High School

Bus by Perry High School

Perry High School gets PAT Bus service along Perrsyville Avenue.

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