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Water polo scholarship

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Ron Gonen, a former athlete from both the University of Massachusetts and Young Athletes of America Water Polo Club, has established a $5,000 scholarship available to water polo athletes aged 14-19 who exhibit leadership or the potential for leadership based on the values of teamwork, sportsmanship and community.

Named in honor of his mother, the purpose of the scholarship is to provide an athlete with limited financial means the opportunity for high level training and instruction. Funds can be used for academic endeavors such as private high school tuition with a water polo team.

 Button below goes to the formal application. The deadline for the application is July 1st, 2019. Send all application material to

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American Water Polo

FINA Convention

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It’s not just about medals

When FINA is mentioned, most people envisage the FINA World Cup and FINA World Championships. It is sometimes forgotten that FINA – as the International Governing Body of the Aquatics industry – also provides invaluable information and support to those involved in the sport.

Over the last 3 days, the Convention brought up some very topical issues within the Aquatics world. Two excellent examples were Swimming for Life (FINA Development programmes) and Innovative approaches to teaching swimming (Myrtha Pools).

Perhaps Brazilian Olympic swimmer Thiago Pereira summarises it best: ‘Swimming is the only sport that saves life.’

FINA is not just about organising large events with the world’s best athletes. It has a duty of care to educate swimming coaches and teachers on the best ways to get their students in the water and safe in the water. As Carl Partridge from AUSTSWIM puts it, ‘we teaches teachers to teach’.

With sessions like this at the Convention, a fundamental life skill is promoted which will be spread around the world and consequently save lives.

“We’re taking away relationships and connections with coaches from around the world – connections that would never have been possible without this event.”
Sebastian Weber, Head of Human Performance, INSCYD

An abundance of culture

The Convention, with attendees from 209 National Federations, enjoyed a rich variety of cultures and provided a fantastic opportunity to listen and learn from different global perspectives.

This year’s delegates were afforded the chance to hear insights from some of the world’s best coaches, including two well-known and well-respected Chinese coaches. It is unusual to gain such access, especially with Tokyo 2020 less than 600 days away.

“Pride. We’re proud to be able to confidently say that Arena is a truly global brand which resonates across many different countries. It’s been amazing to get such valuable feedback from coaches and Federations all over the world.”
Mizu Yamada, Brand Manager, Arena

FINA is more than Swimming

Undoubtedly, Swimming is one of the most popular sports in the Olympics, yet it is not the only sport FINA governs. From Artistic Swimming to Diving, Open Water Swimming to Water Polo, there is much to be shared by experts in these disciplines.

One great example from the Convention – Extraordinary Technical Water Polo Congress – saw an hour-long session with 23 Water Polo experts offer insight into and advice about the sport.

First-time exhibitors KAP7 – “Built for Water Polo Players by Water Polo Players” – definitely made their mark in Hangzhou.

“This event has allowed us to expand our network at the very top level of international swimming. In our business, relationships are critical and we’re always thankful to be able to participate in this event.”
Yiota Charalambous, Operations Manager, Arena Sports Cyprus

Life-long connections

‘The Number 1 reason we attend the FINA Convention? Networking,’ says Lindsay Hoffman, Vice President of SUITMATE.

Networking at the Convention does of course offer commercial opportunities – but more than that, it offers friendship too. In a unique environment, where exhibitors meet and connect, life-long friendships are made.

“Friendship. This event allows us to get to know our international colleagues and Aquatics stakeholders better – developing stronger relationships and ultimately friendships.”
Marco Coesel, CEO, Variopool


With a record-breaking number of attendees, and access to world-class speakers, the 2018 Convention was ground-breaking.

Access to the Chinese market has been a rare and exciting opportunity.

Aquatics has come a long way, and events like the FINA Convention help us achieve the best possible future for Aquatics.

FINA World Aquatics Convention
FINA Office
Chemin de Bellevue 24a/24b
1005 Lausanne

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Water polo site is moving

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Past Games

Spring Tournament, April 7 and 8, 2018, a huge success

For the first time in decades, the tournament was co-hosted by the Masters water polo team. And, the Pittsburgh masters fielded two squads, Renegades 1 and Renegades 2.

CMU was to host a water polo tournament, April 7 and 8, 2018. Instead, it is was jointly hosted at Chartiers Valley High School swim pool by Pittsburgh Masters (also known as Renegades) and Tiger Water Polo of North Allegheny. Well done everyone. Tiger had great help at the table with scoreboard operators and results. The on-deck officials were great. The teams came to play and they all got lots of action.

Schedule, as of 3/30/18:
Sat, Apr 7th
Time Dark Caps White Caps
1pm Tiger Renegades 1
2pm Salem W&J
3pm Pitt GW
4pm Renegades 2 Presidents (W&J Alum)
5pm Salem Renegades 1
6pm W&J Pitt
7pm GW Presidents (W&J Alum)
Sun, Apr 8th
Time Dark Caps White Caps
8am Tiger GW
9am Pitt Renegades 1
10am Salem Presidents (W&J Alum)
11am Tiger Renegades 2
12pm W&J GW
1pm Salem Pitt
2pm Renegades 2 Renegades 1


Please sign up to volunteer for the tournament, such as running the clock / scoreboard.  Follow the event details on Facebook.

Presentation to Pacific Swim Coaches

Coach Mark traveled to Napa, California, and gave a one-hour talk to swim coaches and the audio, slides and associated videos, are published. See Thinking again about aquatic game play.

Pittsburgh Masters Water Polo squad has been enjoying some great scrimmages with CMU’s men at CMU on Wednesday nights from 9 to 11 pm. This photo was from November 8, 2017.

Water Polo practices in fall 2017 switched to South Park High School

Hometown hero holds the ball and gets the center position of the photo (see below) taken after at Tuesday evening practice at South Park High School. He is a lap swimmer at South Park on the other days, but stepped up and joined into the water polo practice and scrimmage on the first night. Also present in the photo is Christopher, the head coach of the South Park High School varsity and club swim teams. He is second from left in the photo. He had not played water polo with the Pittsburgh Masters and we were most happy to get the program off to a good start this fall.

Rookies welcome!

Others at the practice include some players from CMU, new and veteran.

Missing from the photo, high school players. Where are the high school swimmers. Triathletes too! Get in some fun water time at this time of the year.

Practices are slated for Tuesday nights, 8 to 9:30 pm, at South Park High School pool. Just show up. Directions: 2005 Eagle Ridge dr, South Park PA, 15129. When you enter the high school campus, drive around the buildings to the back entrance (#17). The pool is along the first hallway on your left. Enter through the office to get to locker rooms.

group photo of water polo squad

Masters Water Polo shows up to play at South Park High School in September 2017.

Summer water polo — outdoors at Citiparks’ Ammon Pool in Pittsburgh’s Hill District was better than ever in 2017

Masters Water Polo players in the year of the eclipse as we gather around our goalie in a summer evening practice at Citiparks Ammon Outdoor Pool.

Pittsburgh’s Masters Water Polo practice included final springs from deep to shallow end, with a break to take this photo. Welcome to David D, PPS Sci-Tech senior. Players from Morgantown, Bellevue, Lawrenceville, Shadyside, Pitt, CMU, Plum and many places around town.

water polo teams playing in the swim pool at Ammon

Community water polo happens in the summer at the Citiparks outdoor pool at Ammon in Pittsburgh’s Hill District.

Water Polo in Pittsburgh spans many sites, ages and abilities

The BGC truck hauls water polo goals around town. Here it is in the Pittsburgh Hill District outside the Thelma Lovette YMCA.

Teams from the eastern states, Canada and Erie often come to play water polo in Pittsburgh.

Olympians and champions from Europe, Serbia and Team USA come to Pittsburgh for clinics.

Pittsburgh Masters Water Polo

Mark and Mark at the pool at North Park. We’ll play against the college and high school squads, and realize that it great to have subs on our bench.

Most of the die-hard water polo players on the Pittsburgh Masters Water Polo squad have played the sport in college and have continued, off and on, to play in the decades that follow. But, many have not. Some just came to the sport later in life as they look for a team sport that is physical, fun and easier on the body than the land sports.

Throughout the academic year, the Pittsburgh Masters are often invited to play practices and games with the men’s team at CMU. Playing once a week, often on Tuesday nights, 9 to 11 pm, has been the norm in recent years. But, check the calendar.

water polo team

Pittsburgh Masters Water Polo squad in 2016 at the CMU water polo tournament.

water polo at Ammon

Summer water polo happens at Citiparks Ammon Swim Pool. Practices were held, weather permitting, at 6 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Pittsburgh Masters and CMU join together to play from 9 to 11 pm in spring 2017.

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Local Links

NA, also know as North Allegheny Senior High School

| Resources

North Allegheny Senior High School, 10375 Perry Hwy, Wexford, PA 15090

Pool is located near the gym on the south side of the school that is closest to the stadium and not near from the auditorium. Drive into the front entry, turn left, drive along the front of the school then park in the side lot. More parking by the tennis courts too. Entry to sports events at the side of the school is okay.

Competitive Swimming is in a crisis — reports Swimming World and Wayne Goldsmith

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Must read! Must listen too. Check out a great article about competitive swimming from Australia’s Wayne Goldsmith, an author and coach. The commentary was published in Swimming World in March, 2018. Click the photo below to go to the article and then give a listen to the reply, an audio conversation from Mark and Kevin.

First, read the article

photo link with swimmers

Click photo and go read the article by Wayne Goldsmith in Swimming World magazine.

Second, listen to our reply, as an audio recording

Kevin and Mark. Click image to listen to the mp3 audio file.

Listen to a discussion in a .mp3 file and podcast format that provides a reply. Mark Rauterkus of Pittsburgh and Kevin McCarthy of Washington talk about the one-size-fits-all solution and reasoning behind the crisis and how it can be fixed.

Or click on the audio player control below to listen.

Third, express yourself and tell us what you think

Drop a comment in the box below and share your ideas.

  • Is there a crisis in competitive swimming?
  • Is there a crisis at your favorite aquatic facilities?
  • Do you want to learn more about SKWIM?
  • Can we help you put SKWIM to work in your settings?

Citiparks Ammon Swim Pool on Bedford Ave in the Hill District

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Ammon pool Address

  • Corner of Bedford Ave and Memory Lane, 15219
  • 2217 Bedford Ave. Pittsburgh PA 15219
Outdoor swim pool photo

Ammon, an outdoor pool, is on the corner of Bedford Avenue and Memory Lane. It is a Citiparks facility.


swim pool with 2 goals in deep water.

Some years ago, at the urging of Coach Mark, the city purchased four floating, regulation water polo goals. Playing at Ammon provides a 25-yard course with all deep water.

corner of pool at ammon

Ammon pool has plenty of deck and water space. Adults and varsity athletes can play in the deep end while the middle pool can be used by kids for SKWIM.

6 pm to 7:45 on Tuesdays

Practices were once a week, but due to popular demand, in 2017, the water polo gatherings increased to both Tuesdays and Thursdays.

water polo players at Ammon

Charles, in the photo on the far right, has been the pool manager at Ammon.

group of water polo players

Rookies and experienced players are welcome to join in the water polo practices.

boys at side of pool in dive

Charles, Citiparks Head Lifeguard, teaches the dive into deep end at Ammon outdoor pool, giving us all something to follow and support.

PPS Middle School Championships

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At the first part of the meet, an invite letter was delivered to coaches and guardians.

Letter to call participants to the new All-City Aquatics All-Star Team

Coach Mark Rauterkus

Head Boys Varsity Coach at PPS Obama
Executive Director, SKWIM USA

108 South 12th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203-1226

412-298-3432 = cell

January 24, 2018

Delivery to participants and spectators at PPS Middle School Championships

Dear Swimmers, Guardians and Coaches:

Three cheers to you for completing the middle-school season and competing in today’s championships. Hopefully, you choose to continue swimming, as we’d love to see you at 11:30 am on Saturday at PPS Oliver High School on the Northside.

You are invited to sign-up for a brand-new,

All-City, Aquatics All-Star Team!

First meeting and swim clinic is this Saturday, January 27, 2018, from 11:30 to 1 pm on the Northside at PPS Oliver High School, 2323 Brighton Road, 15212.

Second meeting and clinic is next Saturday, February 3, 2018, from 11:30 to 1 pm at PPS Oliver.

If interested, call, text or email.

Or, sign-up in advance at

We are seeking 25 or more middle-school athletes, boys and girls, of any swimming ability, for this low/no cost program. It is a labor of love from the coach(es). We hope to organize the swimmers, guardians and boosters for an All-Star experience with specialized practices, coaching, training, and lots of play and competitions. We’ll swim, exercise, use technology tools. We’ll also learn, practice and play water polo and SKWIM, a water-disk game. We stress sportsmanship, teamwork, and conditioning with help of digital badges. Playing well with others happens with in-house meets and game-days — if we get your support and your participation.

Expect more information at the first clinics. Other practice opportunities in other city neighborhoods are possible too. Call with questions. See

Boost your fitness, swim knowledge, circle-of-friends, swim speed and aquatic game-play so that you can become a future lifeguard and a stronger varsity athlete, in any sport.

Thanks for the consideration.

Coach Mark Rauterkus

Back of letter

Click image to see larger view.

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