Eastern Michigan University gotta keep its great swimming and diving programs


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They can’t drink the water in Flint, Michigan. Now they say the men can’t swim and dive into the water at Eastern. Crazy that the opportunities for the young men of today’s generation are evaporating before our eyes.

The EMU swimming and diving teams are number 1. I know. I coached for four years at Ohio University and EMU always kicked our tails and was tops in the Mid American Conference Championships. That team dominated back in my day and for decades. Many men have gone though the program and have turned into wonderful swim coaches, much like what used to happen at Slippery Rock in Pennsylvania.

Click the petition. Send a letter too. Show some outrage. But, don’t hold your breath. That won’t help anyone.

I posted on the Detroit Free Press: Why not cut back on the sport that causes brain injuries. Curbing the expensive hotel stays for the entire football team and staff on the nights before the HOME games would be enough money pay for the swim team’s budget.

Dan Medvid posted

Horrific. How much does swimming possibly cost when you already have a pool? And a world-class one like EMU has. Couple swim suits, a few scholarships and some travel. That’s all these schools have to fund. They spend more money on one second-string football player. And swimmers are often some of the best scholar-athletes at our universities. Shameful.

This was not the intention of Title IX.

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