Ellis MS time trials in January


Good job on time trials this evening.
(from Coach Ed’s email)
Today we held our second time trials, this time for only Middle School, to gauge where we went in the last two months between the first trial on November 28th, to today.
I was very happy that most of us dropped time in 50s of each stroke, and the overall average improvement demonstrated that we are getting stronger and can swim longer and harder.  As far as stroke legality, we are still working on that!  But for the sheer ability to move through the water faster doing a stroke that may not have been so familiar two months ago, I think we did very nicely indeed, and I want to congratulate all of our Middle Schoolers for their great progress.
Tonight, the fifteen girls present all swam the 50 Free, 50 Back, 50 Breast, and 50 Fly, in that order.
Our average time drop (improvement) since November in the 50 Free was 2.0 seconds, with the most improved being Liadan (minus 6.22s), Lizzie (5.59s), Netta (4.50s), and Tessa (4.26s).  Great job guys.
Our average drop in the 50 Back was 6.81 seconds, with the most improved being Maya (an awesome 22.36s), Liadan (12.93s), Caroline (11.30s), and Noa (11.07s).
Our average drop in the 50 Breast was 3.13 seconds, with the most improved being Noa (9.54s), Lizzie (9.20s), Netta (7.91s), and Liadan (7.19s).
I didn’t calculate the average drop for 50 Fly as most of them did not swim the 50 Fly last time, but I’m pleased that we all gutted it out and completed two lengths Fly across the board – in various states of legality, but that wasn’t the point today!  What mattered was getting the arms out of the water and moving simultaneously, and the legs moving together as well.  Harder than it looks!  Best improvements were by Liadan (a huge 16.09s drop), and Anna (4.75s, from just a month ago at the last meet vs. Shadyside).
Great job everyone, and let’s keep trying our best every time we hit the water. It shows!

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