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World Games hosted Kayak Polo

See the site for some kayak polo news and highlights from the World Games, https://theworldgames2017.com/en/german-anthem-and-the-hakka/

Safety Weekend


Getting started

There are plenty of steps before one gets into the kayak, but is always a bit of a rush to enter the boat while on the water, even if it is with the calmest of conditions at the swimming pool.

Learning and doing a dock entry at the swim pool.

Mike makes it look easy


Long Term

Help with efforts to make kayaking an important activity in our aquatic experience by offering to read, review and craft plans under development by Coach Mark Rauterkus. Send an email or leave a message on this page.

    Plans include:

  • Grants and proposals to sponsors,
  • expanded use of other swim pools at Pittsburgh Public Schools that have easier access to parking lots and trailers,
  • securing equipment and storage,
  • new kayak digital badges at Play.CLOH.org,
  • and turning Pittsburgh into the USA’s best venue for all things of canoe water polo.

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  3. Western PA Kayaking MeetUp
Kayaks in the pool at Uniontown High School.

Canoe water polo happens in the winter months in the swim pool at Uniontown High School.

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    Women died in canoe trip on Saco River and those who went to rescue her suffered injuries too

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