Open Water

Swim in summers with Joella and Get Fit Families

Open Water Swims in western Pennsylvania for both beginners and regulars happen at Moraine State Park at Potters Cove on many Monday nights. Expect some small group lessons and mini clinics that are coordinated through the coaches, including Mitch Schall

Show up at Porter's Cove between 5:00 and 6:30 pm to register or do it in advance at Swims are 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

Get out to the lake and swim in the fresh air, without chlorine!

Exit I-79 for the South Shore of Moraine State Park, Route 488, and turn right. Go only a short distance and then LEFT onto a country road that passes the Bear Run Campground to get to the Poters Cove part of the lake. 

Open Water Devices that can help to take your open water swimming experiences to the next level

Open water swimming with Ak-o-mak and Chikopi

Swimming in Canada, with open-water events and age group kids, is so much fun.


Some Extras

Swimming lost a true trailblazer, Dr. Sam Freas.

Once upon a time, Sam's Arkansas men's relay set a new world record in a short-course meters event and our squad was in the next lane getting dusted like there was no tomorrow. And our guys were so jazzed just to be in there next to their show of greatness. I know it was a Southwest Conference relay meet and it might have been seeded alphabetically, because A for Arkansas is close to B for Baylor. (Quote from Coach Mark Rauterkus)


Open Water Swimming clinics have been hosted as an activity for members of the Pittsburgh Triathlon Club as part of the Saturday Swim School. One was hosted on April 28, 2018. More are expected in the future. If interested, join our low-volume mailing list or leave a message on this page.

In the city’s rivers

Group of open water swimmers standing on dock

Open water swimming happens in Pittsburgh with the Pittsburgh Triathlon Club members. Here is a group gathering on the dock at Three Rivers Rowing’s facility on Washington’s Landing a Friday evening in the summer of 2010.

Open water happens with water polo too

Ohio’s Quarry Scramble is a pot-luck water polo tournament in open water every summer. Players from Pittsburgh attend.

Justin asked: Wondering what top 3 techniques I should focus on?
I can swim ok, but I wouldn't consider myself a swimmer. I feel like I get winded pretty quickly I just signed up for a 5K open-water race (first race since 6th grade).

You asked for three things: Body position, body position, body position.

Well, to be sure, breathing is sorta nice too, but that comes from good body position. And, being relaxed in the water as well, but guess how that happens? Yep. good body position.

Be quick to add fins. Be quick to mix it up with a pulling float, often, PB in swim workout lingo.

Mark Rauterkus

View of map of Lido Key swim in 2019 by Michael Marcum.

Swim in 2019, map posted on FB by Michael Marcum.

Happy Earth Day. Song talks about where the rivers like to run, and I think OWS

Three Dog Night, from 1970, the first Earth Day!

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Plus sized women, pools and open water

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Swimming Lake Superior

What a feat! Way to go. Going from US to Canada

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