Perry High School


Pittsburgh Public Schools' Perry Traditional Academy is on the Northside of Pittsburgh.

Perry High School, 3875 Perrysville Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15214

You must find and use this entry to get to the swim pool.

Arrow to door at Perry HS

Look for these doors on the athletic building at Perry High School to get to the swim pool. All the other doors will be locked and only this door has the open stair-well to get to the swim pool. Door is marked with an arrow.

Close up of the doors to the Perry Pool

Use these doors to gain entry into the school's swim pool. After entering the building, go down the stairs. If you happen to be late or if these doors are locked, call (voice) Coach Mark, 412-298-3432. Then we will send up a person to unlock the doors for you.

Views from the neighborhood:

Street scene by Perry High School

Perrysville Avenue, across the street from the High School

School on the hill, Perry High School front door.

Front of the school of Perry Traditional Academy

Side of Perry High School

School building (on the left) and the gym and pool (on the right) are connected by a pedestrian bridge. Park by going behind the school, under the bridge.

Corner by Perry High School

Corner by Perry High School

Bus by Perry High School

Perry High School gets PAT Bus service along Perrsyville Avenue.

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