Remote coaching of a 100 free from a video


Nice swim. 

Some ideas based upon the images and the shared video. 

1. On the blocks.

Get shoulders lower and swing those arms in a bigger circle. These side circles should have the arms next to the body with the hands closer to the hips. Bigger, fuller swings with the bend at the waist greater. Seems to much of a vertical dive. But, the timing of the dive and the streamline were exceptional.

2. On the dive's streamline.

Shows the surface of the swimmer after the dive and streamline. The swimmer could go an extra body-length, if not three-extra body-lengths in the underwater kicking and extended streamline. The fastest part of the race for any swimmer is upon departing the wall. Don't put on the breaks by swimming, which is slower than the streamline. The streamline was strong. Keep charging with the underwater kicking and extra tight arms. Head in a down position and go farther without strokes on the top of the water. Strive to go half the pool underwater. FAST.

3. Before the flip turn.

Swimmer has a good kick, except right before the turn. The kicking was stopped. Kick into the turn. The legs were just in a drag. So, be more aggressive on the turn. Last pull has to be super powerful and the legs keep kicking.

4. After the flip turn and streamline.

I am a fan of pulling first on the deeper arm after the turn's streamline.Good streamline again. But, get out farther. Feet should be out of the red zone and beyond the flags before the hands start. Keep the great arm streamline, Keep the fast fly kicks. Get a bit more straight off the wall, and without a circle swim motion. But, with the great streamline, keep it. Capitalize on the underwater kicking more. That will take some good energy, but save about 3 strokes per 25-yards. Jump off the walls. The walls are a swimmer's friend. Use that streamline with fast kicks and go farther.

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