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Swim pool at Allegheny Middle School is 25-yards long.

Swim pool at Allegheny Middle School is 25-yards long.

Group photo from Saturday, June 2, 2018

Final SKWIM game at the Saturday Swim School for the 2017-18 year featured the lifeguard recruits from The Pittsburgh Project and a few of the regulars.

Remake Learning art

Saturday Swim School was part of Pittsburgh’s Remake Learning Days, May 19, 2018

Blurb in the booklet of activities about the Saturday Swim School.

Recap of PTC Swim Clinic, Saturday, April 28, 2018

Get up and show up!

Lifeguard Courses too:

Lifeguard courses are being held as part of the Saturday Swim School activities. See more insights at One course is going to meet and use part of the pool on Feb 24 and March 3, 2018. Another course is going to meet at the pool on April 7 and April 14. The Sunday sessions for First Aid, CPR and AED happen in a community room in Sewickley.

Stay in touch with the water throughout the school year with activities at the Saturday Swim School.

Entry into Oliver High School is easy once first-time visitors read these instructions.

All ages welcome

  • Do check the calendar to be certain that we are gathering that Saturday. Occasional swim meets and out of town travel might force a closure. No swimming on spring break and at school holidays.

More fun with friends

Get your classmates, camper pals and others in your neighborhood to come along with you, even on the first day.

Recap of visit from North Allegheny and other day with Northgate.

Family efforts are more regular

Make the Saturday Swim School fit into everyone’s schedule as kids of different age groups and grades are welcome to participate at the same time. Both boys and girls, of course. Even adult guardians are able to swim and help coach and compete too.

Rowers can get their swim test paperwork completed

Rowers from Steel City Rowing and other local clubs can come to the Saturday Swim School and get tested and their papers signed for gaining admission to rowing opportunities on the rivers. Print out your form. Call ahead to make certain that the session is going to occur on that Saturday. More at:

Scouts and Groups are welcome

A high school senior from Northgate, Nick, included activities at the Saturday Swim School within his efforts in a quest for his Eagle Scout project in October. Everyone had fun and money was raised for the supplies for the next phase. See the blog post.

Cub Scouts getting ready to swim

Cub Scouts from the east end attend a Saturday Swim School in the spring of 2017 to work on their swim skills and aquatic safety. Plus, kids and guardians got to enjoy a great game of SKWIM. The scouts and guardians teamed up to play against a local squad of kids who were mostly from The Pittsburgh Project.

  • Schedule for Saturday, December 23, 2017:

    10 to 11 am lap swim and workout
    11 am to noon, game play with disk, ball or puck — or all three.
    With the closing of the Obama Swim Pool due to a broken heater, we have been moving to hold swim practices elsewhere. We are able to swim at Oliver High School on Saturday. Sorry for the late notice.

  • Archives:
    Schedule for Saturday, December 16, 2017:

    8:30 am warm up
    9 am to 10 am = 50 x 50 yards @ 1:00 or as fast or slow as desired.
    10 am to 11:30 am is SKWIM game with all present (sorta like water polo, but easier for ball skills and good for the swimming fitness)
    11:30 to noon is middle school lesson and could do passing in deep end with water polo balls.
    noon to 1:30 pm is SKWIM game day again

  • This did NOT happen due to the ice and snow storm and PPS cancelling all activities. But, here was what we proposed.

    The weather outside looks frightful. Ice, dropping temperatures, up to four-inches of snow. So, be prudent and CALL ME, on my cell phone, 412-298-3432, before heading out into the cold and winter conditions. Pittsburgh Public School is also keen on calling off all school activities. If that is the case, we’re not getting into the pool as well.

    8 am open for early bird lap swimming
    9-11:30 am open for varsity swimming practices (adults welcome too)
    10:30 – 11:30 am water polo passing and leg strength (adults welcome too)
    11:30 am to 1 pm, middle school and youth swim and water polo

  • Also on Saturday, Jan 13, 2018, in Pittsburgh:

    Home swim meet at Chatham Univ at 1 pm.
    Home swim meet at Duquesne Univ at 2 pm with Ohio University.

  • admin says:

    Bad Weather Notices:
    * If there are no activities for Pittsburgh Public Schools, there there is no Saturday Swim School. Call Coach Mark, or check the website here, or the PPS Website, 
    Pittsburgh Public Schools did cancel all activities due to the ice and snow on 1/13/2018. 

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