Schedule for the 2017 PIAA Swimming Championships at Bucknell


Subject to change: A new schedule may come from the PIAA by 2 pm on Monday, 3/13.

Various memos and insights about the 2017 PIAA Swimming & Diving Championships are here and posted below. All are PDFs.

Schedule of sessions for 2017

In 2017, the AA meet is first and the AAA meet is second. So, the AA swimmers and coaches check in on Tuesday, March 14, and compete on Wednesday and Thursday. The AAA swimmers and coaches check in on Thursday and compete on Friday and Saturday.

In 2017, the girls compete before the boys. So, the girls get up early for prelims. Meanwhile, the boys finals are slated to conclude around 10 pm.




Map of Bucknell



Getting to the meet is one thing. Getting in the doors as a spectator is another matter.


Order form for advance ticket sales. Each swimmer is able to purchase three tickets for the sessions he or she is entered. If a girl swimmer is only in the 100 backstroke, on day 2, then she is not able to buy tickets for day 1 events. Furthermore, a girl swimmer in the 100 back will not be able to walk on deck and watch her brother compete in the 100 back in either prelims nor finals. She would need to buy tickets and sit in the stands for those sessions.


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