SKWIM is a fun, fast-paced water game played with two-teams and a SKWIM disk.


Mark, Kevin, Downrown, flag, selfie
Mark Rauterkus and Kevin McCarthy in Pittsburgh at the NDPA Conference. NDPA = National Drowning Prevention Alliance.

SKWIM was invented ten years ago by Kevin McCarthy, a friend from the state of Washington. Both Kevin, SKWIM’s inventor, and Coach Mark, executive director of SKWIM USA, speak and lead training on water safety and SKWIM.

Kevin leads SKWIM INTERNATIONAL and offers programs in the Seattle area. Mark Rauterkus was hired as the nonprofit executive director of SKWIM USA in January 2018.

Presentation to Pacific Swim Coaches

Coach Mark traveled to Napa, California, and gave a one-hour talk to swim coaches and the audio, slides and associated videos, are published. See Thinking again about aquatic game play.

Pittsburgh Opportunities

Coach Mark speaks to a group of swimmers at the Greensburg County Club. Swimmers and parents learned and played SKWIM following a summer swim meet.

Play SKWIM every Tuesday and Thursday, weather permitting, at the Citiparks outdoor pool, Ammon from 6 to 7:45 pm. Water polo practice happens in the deep end with Pittsburgh Renegades masters team. SKWIM happens in the shallow water at the same time.

Swimmers from USA Swimming’s Diversity Camp with Allegheny Mountain Swimming at CalU in August 2016 enjoyed playing SKWIM in some “free time” sessions.

The aquatic game has been played extensively at Pittsburgh Public Schools’ Swim & Water Polo Camp as part of its Summer Dreamers Academy.

Other organizations offering summer camp and after-school activities have played SKWIM too, including: The Pittsburgh Project, Ozanam, Garfield Gators, Scout Troupes,  Citipark lifeguards, Saturday Swim School, Higher Achievement.


SKWIM - Lifeguard Times 091615 draft final


SKWIM Certification 110816
Swimmers and SKWIM players at PPS Arsenal Middle School.

SKWIM has been a part of many after-school practices throughout the years with students of Pittsburgh Public Schools.

10 Reasons to Program SKWIM for 2017! 021817 ISC+C.A.R.E.
SKWIM 2017 Premier Rules 02182017
SKWIM with founder Kevin McCarthy 021817word

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