Some things we can do with area swim teams in summer leagues and country clubs



Guard training; Guards vs. Clebs; Guards vs. Non-Guards; Guard staff vs. Other staffs.

Post swim meet:

Intra team following a meet; Host team vs. Visitors.

Specialized SKWIM Clinic and Scrimmage:

Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat or Sundays through the summer by appointment.

Summer Field Trip & SKWIM Game Day:

Friday mornings in the city at either Allegheny Middle School (indoors, and next to National Aviary) or outdoors at The Pittsburgh Project on Charles Street.

We’ll set up teams to compete with. Co-ed, multi-generational, and/or age groups.

August SKWIM season and dates:

Following Swim Season, merge into SKWIM & water polo season. Play at team banquet / picnic. Play at North Park. Play in the city. Play at PPS Obama and Sarah Heinz House.

Monday Evening Open Water Swimming (all ages):

On going at Potter’s Cove, Moraine State Park, Get Fit Families Youth Tri team.

Summer: Tuesday evening Drop-In Masters (w Juniors) Water Polo:

Citiparks Ammon Swim Pool, Bedford Ave and Memory Lane, Hill District, up from Pens Arena about 8 blocks. Show up at 6 pm.

Fall Scholastic Water Polo:

Pittsburgh Combined Water Polo. Go to Ohio Cup in Columbus. Play NA JV team. Play with and against Pgh Masters and other programs. HS & MS games. Manchester Academic Charter School.

Winter HS Season:

SKWIM tournament(s) with PPS Obama Academy. Specialized meet and games.

Winter HS Swim Season to include SKWIM games:

+ Hold a sanctioned scrimmage. (Permitted 2 per year and 20 meets.)
++ Schedule a dual meet with Obama Academy. Then we can play post meet and optionally, cut events, to afford more time to play SKWIM post-meet. Northgate, etc., played SKWIM rather than a warm-down.

+++ Saturday Swim School at PPS Oliver HS, 2323 Brighton Ave. Northside.

++++ A SKWIM & Swim Invite is possible. Swim Relays. Play co-ed SKWIM.


Game Modes:

Games: Camp version, Slot version, Ultimate version, Premiere version.


No contact. 3-second max hold. No air-to-air passing or scoring. No disk under. Penalty (:20 time out) for rough play. Start quarter with swim off. Game to 20 with switching sides at 5, 10, 15.

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