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Older Grant Applications for Beta Burgh

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Grant proposal posted in 2016.

Three proposals were made to the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnerships for its BetaBurgh RFP (request for proposals). The grants are for up to $10,000 each. See the text of those links by surfing around these links:


Open water swimming, Swim.CLOH.org

River lagoons, 4RS.org

Floating pools feasibility, Rauterkus.com

Entry into Brashear’s High School Swim Pool

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Brashear High School, 590 Crane Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15216

Front door of PPS Brashear High School is to the left side of the building. The middle school entry is different. South Hills Middle School has its doors to the right.


Door to the swim pool at Brashear. Look for the cone and smell for the chlorine.

The swim pool is in the back of the building.

Swim pool locker rooms and the gym are up two floors.

Brashear has two gyms. The small gym is the South gym. The swim pool is between both gyms.

Utility hallway near pool that connects the locker rooms.

Six lane, 25-yard pool at Brashear. The spectator seating is up an additional floor and in the end zone.