Triathletes invited to improve their swimming and outreach with ongoing opportunities

Let’s plan a bit for a robust winter of swimming with the PTC community and beyond. A number of opportunities are available for programs. Let’s also use the swim pool activities as a way to amp up the socialization among members as well as the outreach with the club to other teams and groups around the region.

Below are some options and priorities.

Monthly Mile Time Trials

Let’s get a group of people to do monthly one-mile swimming time trials. The challenge is to do one per month for an entire year.

  • We’d offer some lane space for those who RSVP with an online entry. Lane space can be at different pools around town on different days to be flexible. Perhaps the first week of every month.
  • We’ll offer some organizational communications for posting results.
  • We’ll accept results from people who opt to do this on their own at a pool elsewhere.
  • We can offer it at a huge discount or else for free as part of the PTC membership. Others who are not PTC members can pay either a drop in fee or else join with a subscription.
  • Aim to get 24 or more people involved.
  • We’ll use a wireless electronic timing system from AutoCoach with a display timer and button pushes and the potential to get splits.
  • Some can have the option of reserving the use of a wearable computer, the AutoCoach One, for counting laps, providing splits.
  • Some options can be put into the monthly challenge — optionally. Could kick, could swim with paddles, could pull, could swim with fins, could swim with snorkel, could do not freestyle, etc.

SKWIM games, for cross training and beyond

Let’s gather PTC members and friends for aquatic game days with SKWIM for cross-training fitness, outreach, socialization, swimming endurance and as an escape from winter-weather hazards.

We’ve played SKWIM, with great results, after swim clinics in the past. Let’s do mini-clinics and warm-ups, then get into the SKWIM play.

Various times and locations can be publicized and made available. I’d love to offer this as a weekly activity. Lots of people don’t like to lap swim, but if there was regular game-play, they’d get in the water fitness and still be improving.

Sponsor / Vendor Saturday

Let’s gather with the vendors and sponsors, perhaps once per year, but even as often as once per season. Plus, gather members and friends, at the Saturday Swim School. On a vendor day, we can have a drop in swim, mini-expo, swap meet, and visit to the outdoor track too. There is plenty of room around the pool deck at Oliver High School, as well as an outdoor running track.

Let’s RACE and compete, but in weird, fun ways with a range of invited guests.

  • Men vs. Women
  • Adults vs. Kids
  • Triathletes vs Lifeguards
  • PTC vs Dirty Dozen Riders
  • PTC vs First Responders
  • PTC vs. Masters Swimmers
  • Steel City Road Runners vs Fleet Feet Runners, and PTC as well
  • PUMPs PSL (Pgh Sports League) vs. PTC
  • Scholastic Athletes (pick the sport & team) vs. PTC

We could do 4 x 100 relay race on the track. Then go to the pool and do a 4 x 100 yard swim. Then the third event could be a SKWIM game, a team sport.

If the numbers work out better, we could do individual runs, swims, fitness tests, rather than relays — then do the team game competition with SKWIM.

Open Water Clinics, partner coaching, bring your own workout and lesson times

We can allow for pool time to be used as desired in a flexible way. Give a friend a lesson. Do the workout of your own choice. Opt into a short seminar or whatever.

Other Water Clinics

We play water polo. We also play Underwater Hockey. We do Lifeguard Certification classes. Hold clinics for new players makes sense.

Solution Ideas to Interface with PTC and Coach Mark’s plans

Perhaps we do a service agreement. Coach Mark Rauterkus can act as a hired / contracted consultant to manage the expanding aquatic activities for a defined period of time. We’ll create a value added option for the membership. We’ll allow promotions for events. In a year, we’ll re-evaluate.

Perhaps we do an executive board appointment with Coach Mark. I can be part of the PTC leadership and pitch these aquatic ideas to the board and advance them with input and adjustments.

Perhaps we set up a service sponsorship with Coach Mark and his domain, It is a labor of love anyway.

Perhaps we form a PTC aquatic booster sub-committee to help launch these efforts and give support when practical and as other volunteers step-up for delegated responsibilities — record keeping, recruiting, promotions, etc.

Possible Times and Locations

Tuesdays, Allegheny Middle School pool, Lower Northside by Aviary, 4 lanes, 25 yards, 5 to 6:30 pm. Ideal for SKWIM games, Monthly Mile Time Trials.

Tuesdays, Chartiers Valley High School pool, South Hills by Rt. 79, 12 lanes, 25 yard pools, 7:30 to 9 pm, Anything.

Thursdays, PPS Perry High School, Northside, 6-lane, 25 yard pool, 3 to 6:30 pm. Great for anything.

Fridays, Mt. Lebanon High School Pool, 8 land, 25-yard pool, 8 to 9 pm most weeks. Great for SKWIM and intro clinics.

Saturdays, PPS Oliver High School, 6 lane, 25 yard pool, 8 am to 2 pm. Great for vendor expo, brick workouts with track too, SKWIM, time trials, anything.

Sundays, Moon High School, 8 lane, 25 yard pool, 2-4 pm, Great for SKWIM.

We do water polo for scholastic kids at South Park High School. See South Park Aquatic Club could be a possible venue now and then, especially for time trials, swim lessons, SKWIM games and intro to water polo clinics.


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