U-Prep’s swim pool


U-Prep is also known as Margaret Milliones School

This school has the most confusing names. After the closing of Schenley High School, U-Prep opened in the rush to make schools include grades 6 to 12. Originally this building was for middle school grades: 6, 7 and 8.

Names include: University Prep, U-Prep High School, U-Prep, UPrep, Pittsburgh Milliones, University Preparatory School, Milliones and Margaret Milliones School.


Driving in Pittsburgh’s Hill District, turn off of Centre Ave and onto Heron Ave, away from Pitt. Then make a quick turn onto Vancroft Street. Go up the hill and at the top of the hill, turn right and that leads into the lower parking lot of the school.

Address: 3117 Centre Ave, but if you drive on Centre, you might just miss it.

Swim Pool is on the same floor as the cafeteria

Indoor, swim pool photo

Swim pool at U-Prep is 4 lanes wide and 20-yards long.

Other facilities

Wonderful field above the school.

open field with grass and runners

Summer Dreamers love running on the filed that is above the U-Prep school. This is the practice field for the Obama football team as well.

Cafeteria on the second floor

cafeteria space with lots of kids at tables

Cafeteria space at U-Prep is a busy place in the summers with Summer Dreamers.

Buses on road outside of U-Prep

U-Prep is on a hill and you do not want to park in the bus lanes. This view looks down to the lower parking lot.


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