Underwater Hockey

No Underwater Hockey during COVID-19 so guy plays in bathtub

Some swimmers and underwater hockey players take it harder than others.

Underwater hockey player at Oliver HS pool.

Underwater Hockey player at Saturday Swim School, getting in some fitness swimming.

Newbies can often just show up with a swim suit and get loaner equipment: fins, mask, stick, glove, snorkel. Playing with goggles and without a snorkel is okay. High school swimmers can join in with the adults.

Typical Schedule:

Mt. Lebanon High School Pool on Thursdays from 8 to 9:30 pm

Thursday nights are often the time when folks gather to play Underwater Hockey at the Mt. Lebanon High School swim pool. Time: 8:30 to 10 pm.

West Allegheny High School Pool on Tuesdays nights

Tuesday nights are often the time when folks gather to play Underwater Hockey at the newly refurbished High School swim pool at West Allegheny. Time: 8:20 to 9:50 pm.

Saturday Swim School

Saturdays offer a good time to train. Underwater Hockey training happens between 9 am and 11:30 on Saturdays. In the past, we've often called for a practice game at 1 pm.


  • Search for and subscribe to the Google Group, PittsburghUWH.


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Leah's photo

While at the pool you might get to meet player coaches, such as Leah. She has helped with roles with the national elite team.

Pittsburgh’s club team is fortunate to have a number of experienced players who help to guide the practices and the team.

Sic players at bottom of pool with disk, sticks and puck.

Gloves, sticks, masks, snorkels, pucks, fins and players at the bottom of the pool. Most of the time the practices happen in more shallow water, but from time to time, and in tournaments, play happens in deep water. This photo was taken at the bottom of the swim pool at Oliver High School at a session of the Saturday Swim School.

Underwater Hockey at Summer Dreamers with Swim & Water Polo Camp

After a summer of swimming and playing SKWIM, it is often a fun idea to have a special day to feature, learn a bit, and play underwater hockey. Get some equipment and support from the local players and mix it up in the pool, pushing the puck. 

The dynamics are different. No sense in talking underwater. Fitness matters. Power works wonders too. 

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  • Mike Kristufek is going to host a rules/referee clinic for Underwater Hockey players at his house on Irwin Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15236.

    Gather at noon for food, then 1 pm for the ref clinic/rules clinic. At 4 pm, efforts turn to the making of new gloves for the club’s new people.

    We will have a bonfire later if people want as well.

    Let Mike know who all is attending so we can plan accordingly.

  • Scoreboard for National Tournaments is at:


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    I would like to be added to the email list. I’m looking forward to playing underwater hockey.

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    George Mason Tournament will be Sunday, March 3, 2019.

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