Water Polo

Events at Highland Park Pool with NCAA Teams

Pittsburgh Combined Water Polo

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  • http://www.waterpoloplanet.com/open-letter-from-bob-corb-ncaa-national-coordinator-of-officials-mens-and-womens-water-polo/

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  1. Final practice / scrimmage of the school year with CMU and Pittsburgh Masters is Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at CMU.

  2. Unfortunately, Indiana Univerity’s Women’s Team had to cancel their trip to Pittsburgh. They apologized and promised to come next year. So, no 10-12 pm clinic.

    However, we will still keep the 1-3 pm Masters vs High School Boys game at NASH.

  3. Steve H reports that we have a few open spots on our team for the DC tournament on October 7/8, 2017. I’ll be driving from Pittsburgh in case anyone wants a ride.. please let me know if you or any water polo counterparts across the country are interested in playing!

    See the Waterpolo Pgh Masters group on Facebook.

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